Why egyptians are so unbalanced?

  • 10x servers start May 18.

    Since I have a lot of free time during quarantine, I want to go back to Travian after a long break.

    I like a lot of recent changes: the introduction of new nations, the nerf of artworks, removing the stupidest idea ever introduced (merging troops), less difference in hero resource production...

    Even the Trade Office buff (which has been criticized by most players) seems to me an interesting idea, because maybe it can make Headuans finally useful.


    Why egyptians are so extremely op?

    If you nerf Waterworks to 50-75% then they will still be the nation that has the best defensive units and the fastest development (playing defensively).

    As far as I can see playing gauls or defensive rome doesn't make any sense at the moment:

    1. Barracks: Ash Warden is better than praetorian, Slave Militia is cheaper def than Falangita.

    2. Stall: Roms doesn't have def cavalry, Anhur Guard and Resheph Chariot together are better than DR (Headuans still look useless).

    3. Special building: deffensive Roms -> useless, Gauls -> useless, Egyptians -> 150% production in the capital (really?).

    Can you make Egypt balanced enough that playing as Rome or Gauls have any sense?

    After all, 15c without a crazy Egyptians bonus are still being taken over, it's not like people will stop taking 15c and won't spend Gold Coins on NPCs as you'll nerf Waterworks from 150% to some rational value.

    I will probably be ignored, but I have a feeling that on this 10x every good defensive player will be Egyptian and I will lose my enthusiasm for the game.

    Could you introduce some little Waterwork nerf on this server?

    I would like to see some praetorians, phalanx and DR during the game.

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  • This as well, they look ridiculous compared to other tier five units.

    Equites caesaris - best cavalry offence per time or crop.

    Resheph Chariot - best cavalry deffence per time or crop.

    Marauder - best cavalry offence per time or crop before Romans get the Horse Drinking Pool.

    Teutonic Knight - together with macemen give best attack per time from all nations.

    Haeduan - no one trains him.

    Can't you make it a little stronger? Why can't Gauls have a five units?

    But any buffing of Gauls or defensive Romans will not make sense while the Egyptians have 150% of production in the capital.

    Don't force every defensive player to play same nation, please.

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  • I know that most of Travian players are gone, but I think there is at least one other person in the administration who sometimes looks in the forum?

  • Are you serious?

    Well uhhh.

    Yes Egyptian caps are OP for income, but theyre useless hammers & so everyone who does Egyptian with hammer has massive risk of being chiefed in their non-cap and losing their hammer --- OR you get ghosted since tyou dont have auto-dodge --- This is a massive counter to it (especially on a 10x server)

    Slaves are cheapest yes, but theyre useless unless you're constantly losing defence, if those slaves survive more than a week on 1x speed then youre better off building ash wardens for because they amount they eat compared to how much they defend is rediculously bad.

    RC - While they have a strong balanced defence, they are the slowest defensive unit to train, cost 3 crop (with nothing to reduce it like roman), and cost the most to produce, and their travel speed is pretty average compared to others.

    Ash warden - They have +5 more defence in total than Phals but take more than an extra 2min to produce, Spears have the same total defence than them and 2mins quicker to produce almost...

    My point is that Egyptian units cost more usually, and take longer to produce, with minimal added defence

    and if you want speed, you've got the slave, which - if you're in a sluggy war with an alliance can be useful if you keep losing your defence and need some QUICK, but theyre cheap and worthless

    its like comparing clubs and axemen.

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  • i agree. Egyptians have the strongest defensive unit. Finding crop is not easy, of course. However, they can be fed with extra production ( their special building ) . Their slaves are very powerful in terms of power / time. Egyptians defenders are also very strong against horsemen ( Resheph horse ) . i think they are inadequate in terms of offense, but they are really strong in defense!

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