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  • At times on the way to settle a second village, it becomes occupied before arrival, a second village 30 hours out becomes 60 hours, and world continues to turn during this time. A method that once the village is occupied a return immediately of the settlers would enhance the game for players, gold could be used for this option and that would enhance Travian.

  • Sure, this part of the game could use some improvement.

    Not sure what you suggested if the best possible solution.. but travian could do something about it to avoid players literally losing 20+ hrs, on something frutile.

    Maybe something like..

    1. If there's 10+ hrs still pending.. the settler immediately turns back

    2. The player *notifies* his settlers.. and after reaching an appropriate distance from the settling area.. (maybe 40 tiles), the settler turns back

    3. The settler continues the journey.. and the player can choose either the settler

    a) dies

    b) returns back to the home village x2 speed, after dropping all the resources (the initial 750)
    4. From that tile, the settler can be redirected to a different tile (a small penalty of reducing the total no. of resources can be deducted.. based on the new distance the settler has to travel)

  • I perfer that if someone send his settlers to a field , it should be blocked for all other players or at least add some notification telling them that someone has sent his settlers to that place.