• so I was wandering if it is normai that on the com servers gold cost more

    as in

    german server 2k gold with promo cost 50 euro

    italian serveer 2k gold with promo cost 50 euro

    (aapperently Italians spend more as you can directly get 100 euro worth in gold)

    but on the com server you spend 62 dollars to get the 2k gold

    which with ideal conversion would be some 58 euro already

    not a problem just wandering if anyone had a good explanation for this

    my idea is that they took a conversion ratio of some time back and just did not update it as it makes more money like this

    but who knows


  • On COM servers, you can change the currency, by clicking on the list marked in the ss below.

    That way you can pay in EUR and even get a bigger pack...Or Maybe you find another currency that may be cheaper to pay with ;)