Limit abuse of dual accounts

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    My personal opinion:

    Limiting the duals on accounts Makes 100% sense ,

    there is no real way to detect multis ,if someone logs in with diffrent Ip everytime .

    2 duals per account , each person covers 6-9 hours , account is good to go , Plus Using Sitters

    rules need to be changed to make it fair for everyone

    lots of good players deleted just because of this specific reason

  • think about the differences of having a dual and having a bot.

    when a player activated a bot, the real owner of the account stopped playing but the account will keep on doing the progress.

    when a player plays with a dual, the real owner of the account stopped playing but the account will keep on doing the progress.

    when a player paid for a bot to do his work on developing his account (automation) . His account will be banned.

    when a player hire another player to work on developing his account (automation) . His account will not be banned.

    the main purposes of getting a bot are:

    1. Farming non-stop

    2. Alerting Incoming attacks

    3. Constant development

    the main purposes of getting a dual are:

    1. Farming non-stop

    2. Alerting Incoming attacks

    3. Constant development

    For a more complete information,


    The use of scripts and/or bots to automate actions on the account or to resemble premium features is forbidden.

    This includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

    • Raiding other accounts automatically (and sending attack waves automatically)
    • Starting adventures automatically
    • Building and upgrading resources fields and buildings in villages automatically
    • Scanning the map automatically
    • Scanning the statistics of other players automatically
    • Pushing resources to other accounts automatically
    • Training troops automatically
    • Placing bids in auctions for items automatically
    • Starting celebrations automatically
    • Scanning own villages to display village resources and information in one place
    • Any other automated actions performed by third-party software


    I don't see anything wrong here.

    1. They are very different

    2. I'm 100% sure that my duals will not perform those actions performed by bots

    3. my dual is not a 3rd party. he is my cousin or brother or my mom or friend or whatever :)

    4. It is absolutely okay and my duals will not result in unfair advantage against the majority of other players

    Furthermore, dual feature is very good for travian community. Wondering why?

    1. Players will be able to bully new players far more effectively! We can have more fun and kicking out new players means there's less competition right ?

    2. We don't need any gold. Why buy Travian Plus when you can just get a dual to upgrade buildings nonstop and manage everything my ourselves ???

    3. This method allows us to defeat even those gold players! We can get rid of those gold players without having to spend golds ourselves, so fun!

    Lastly, since Travian surely operates as a business, we should think about the opportunity cost of course.
    We need to evaluate the business decision's effect on profit and customer satisfaction.

    So ,let's consider what we gain and what we lose when we keep the feature available :)

    if we keep the feature:

    1. Non-gold players who use duals will keep on playing the game ( They probably consist of only about 10% of the community or less )

    2. travian's player base will keep on decreasing because the majority of new player will quit (from around 20% player growth rate into -5% maybe? )

    3. Gold players will stop playing, or they will spend their money to hire a dual instead because dual gives more advantage than Travian Features.

    (Loses around 15% income each year)

    4. For gold players who doesn't quit but they found a friend to play with him as a dual, he will spend less gold (Loses around 5% income each year)

    5. Old players will eventually stop playing due to unfair advantage (loses 3% player base)

    if we delete the feature:

    1. We lose 5% of the community because players who use duals get upset

    2. 5% of dual users will keep playing the game (dual players have high motivation to win, they are addicted to the game and will just keep playing) LMAO

    3. New players have better gaming experience ( from -5% player base growth rate into +20%)

    4. Golds players will allocate their spending on golds as usual because they can't hire duals anymore (15% income increase)

    5. Gold players who enjoy playing together will keep playing on separate account. An extremely high chance that they spend golds on both accounts

    ( number of active accounts on server increases by 5% and income increases by 5% )

    6. Old players will stay because the game is still competitive and not overwhelming ( increase 3% player base)

    Dual feature gives so much advantage for travian, we should definitely support it guys!

  • Hi Bro!

    I understand your sentiments but dual playing and sitting are unique features of travian.

    also, this game is time sensitive so covering each other accounts is a must and to do so, these features needs to be enabled.

    Honestly, I can't imagine how a player will get back to his real life without these features. Cheers man!

    Status: Available as DUAL or NEW OWNER. DM if interested.

    MDS Sub Wing (EVE) Emissary / TOFU / ReV

  • I dislike Dueling.

    Reason......I was A small player no gold. Bought my first big gold (250) .

    I was young and It was from JSA, but I wanted to play.....Bare in mind I was not in the right mind at the time.

    The meta, who I will Be respect and not name, said my growth was not good and I can duel or be kicked.

    I duelt....bought more gold (obvious I did not want to duel) and I had a disagreement.

    I left the account and messaged multi....(I felt like it was a scam more than anything)

    Went to hospital for a month.......for the 2nd time, probs teh drugs form the first time in intensive care came back to haunt me as well as misfortune-on an MMO game ....was through skype....(not happy now about it, but I am very well minded).

    MY summary if you got through the Partial real life story .

    Dueling I reckon maxed at 3......Rules best to know who.....and be aware even if the person looks real on other chats out of Trav.

    On the subject of skype......Be cool if there was an alliance chat instead on Trav.....perhaps Adding Only aviator photos after trilling?

    :rom10: New On Forum

    10 years of game play.....all in one day ;):hero2:

  • not relevant to the topic at all.Whether you are strong enough to play alone (time wise / experience / deep pockets) or you team up to cover each other.

    I saw many many times an excessive confidence player/account who thinks can play alone ruined the game for entire alliance ( artie lost , hammer caught home )

  • Youve never been on a top account have you? Dualled accounts still use gold, metric boatloads of it in fact. Yes, the entire point of duals is to not waste 24 hours of your life keeping your troops alive (when youre at a -1,5million crop/hour you kinda need to raid). But then again, imagine if all the duals on top accounts take their own account. Youd have a few accounts on like 50% efficiency, which is a whole load better for the ally than 1 account on 100% efficiency. Duals arent as overpowered as you think, it costs a lot to not have an extra account. Also, if youre hiring duals, youre doing it wrong m9, get some friends please.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them...

    maybe you can hire The SPIKE-Team:

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  • Comon man :D Limit on duals?

    I get that people can be anti-tech, but this is really taking it a few steps too far.

    so people can't bully people out of there own account? or should it be a blind eye still? If you know them your own risk still lol.....but it <<<happens

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    10 years of game play.....all in one day ;):hero2:

  • so people can't bully people out of there own account? or should it be a blind eye still? If you know them your own risk still lol.....but it <<<happens

    This is an entirely different story tho, mate.

    Sorry it happened to you, but it has nothing to do with the point i tried to make

  • Then you are either not active enough, or you are not building your account correctly.

    You should really open up to the idea of dual-ing. Getting a good mentor will change the way you approach the game, making you a better player.

    If you want to play casually, there always be some servers which are not so competitive.

    You can play at your own pace in these servers.

  • The last couple of years I played Travian was ALWAYS as a dual. Im fact, I won't play except as a dual. There are many reasons accounts have duals. If you're a hammer acvount, it needs 24/7 to feed, keep safe, build etc. If you're an anvil, the same applies. These are the serious players who plan to play through endgame. Sometimes you offer a dualship to a "friend" for many reasons. Lack of: time, money, strengths. Some people excel at being raid whores, others at building troops and upgrading them, others at infrastructure. I'm a great raid and gold whore. I know which buildings give you more cp than others, etc. Time is a MAJOR reason for duals. We love Travian, but have lives to live. Sometimes you have a dual that rarely plays, but wants to keep in touch with both their friends and the games. Don't lie to yourself. Even with 10 duals, usually it still comes down to a few people that actually play the account. If you are a hammer or anvil, the troops need food, and the account needs a "watch dog" for attacks. You think it's unfair. Instead of messing up a system that has worked for YEARS, why not simply find some duals. At the end, I was calling myself a part-part-part-part time dual.My friends had my phone number so they could text or call in case of an emergency. Like the time our account was a WW and my fridge broke. I had to immediately leave so I wouldn't lose my freezer food. Some people deleted their accounts to join the WW since those, more than any other account needs more than just two sitters. If you're playing to win and spending tons of gold, why should you be restricted from having multiple duals? I played a HUGE anvil for a HUGE hammer account and I did it all alone, as well as the hammer. It CAN be done.

    So quit whining and complaining about fairness (on something that has ALWAYS been done and still may not work right) and use that time to make friends so you can have duals.

    The ORIGINAL Cisalpine - RETIRED - DONE, Færdig, erledigt, rinneadh, Opinions are like a**holes, and I like to share mine. It's JUST an opinion people.

    "It's Erik's fault"

    Need a part,part,part,part time dual? Like rarely there because we're moving to NC, and I rarely leave unless it's for a smoke. Friends only!!!!! :love:

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  • No.

    13 years. 20+ accounts, Solo top 10 off/pop/conq at least 10 times.

    However, that was before kids, work wasn't as crazy, didn't have as many outside obligations...

    Not having a dual basically means not playing now. I spent time making relationships, getting to know people, chatting to people and having a network to rely on.

    Now when I play with duals, I can get sleep, I can work on projects, I can do training without needing to check account the whole time. We use tons of gold, and usually have a pretty decent account.

    No duals is the same thing as saying - the only players who can play can do it whilst having no life, maybe no job, maybe no kids or a wife that hates travian. lol

    Multi players, Tech users, Script users - all scum, gtfo. but having met people I know I can trust? Who I want to play with? That is gold, and the core of this game. Friendships, and friendships across the world man. I still remember fondly my alliance fielding people and players from 29 different countries at once at once time (many years ago now), and was great for cultural understanding, dealing with language barriers, cross sitting, cross dualling.

    In my signature, the servers over 4 years ago+ were all solo.... Able to play ONLY via Pc for the first couple. yet, I achieved that myself, and whilst working. no offence really intended man, but if you have legit been playing for over 10 years, through all the changes on travian? Then in reality, I think some self reflection is in order about your own abilities and skills in the game...

    Every year, there is someone in chat, who will bleat about top pop, top raider, top trooper who is cheating.... but then you sit a top account and see the set-up? And then it falls into place... Sending a raiding list 12+ times per hour every hour, multi hammers, trade routes, focus on cap crop fields ahead of all else before artifacts, etc etc. These are part and parcel of it and don't require cheating... Don;t get me wrong, there are a LOT of cheaters... But the weirdest thing I find, majority of those busted cheating, didn't have anything good going in the first place...

  • True. What you need to realize is this is no longer a game for individuals. It is a game for teams. If you register as an individual, you need to realize you will need to attract others and join with them. Otherwise, you will be left behind and become a farm, or at best, become insignificant. Travian has evolved into a game where friends join together as one account to play, "24/7".

    It has evolved into a game where alliances are formed even before the game starts. Most alliances will accept new players if they are worthy. But the wild days are over. So it goes.