Game restrictions during deletion

  • After an account is put on deletion, game restricts several areas. Account is still in game for 3 days but cannot be played fully. Restrictions, for most part, make no sense to me. We recently deleted from a server, it was planned departure and I don't understand why we were not allowed to play as usual for the last 3 days.

    1. You can't buy gold. This one I understand.

    2. Auction and silver exchange. You can't participate in action while on deletion. Can't sell your items and can't exchange silver to gold if you have any left. I don't see what kinda of abuse this restriction prevents and it looks to me as pure attempt to deny players little gold that can be earned selling items and from converting silver. Last part applies to the end of a server as well, you can't convert silver after end of the server, this definitely should be done automatically. Maybe the problem is having items and bets on auction at the moment of deletion, but that only applies to the last 24 hours and in any case, silver exchange must be allowed.

    3. You can't participate in market trades. This makes totally zero sense especially as you still can send and receive shipment as before (Please don't take it as an idea to add more restrictions), including situations with merchants en route at the moment of deletion.

    4. This is relatively new and only applies to Special servers if I understood it right, but was real bummer and pretty much ruined our plans, for which we put effort and spent gold. You cannot activate artifacts on deleting account. I have no clue where this change came from and zero understanding what is the purpose.

    Maybe there is something else, please add if missing.

    The account still can attack, defend, train, grow, just a few random areas. Ridder Huma can we please have explanation why? I suggest they all, except gold buying and maybe auction, if there is real reason, were removed. TG denies me service I paid for.

  • Hi ELE ,

    Point 2. Auction and silver exchange

    Consider the scenario, where you are about to be deleted.. but you end up out-bidding someone else..

    1. No one gets that item.

    2. The seller of the item ends up with a loss when the trade doesn't go through.

    3. If your account is deleted by then.. who gets the item?

    4. If your account is deleted by then.. who do the other players bid against? (This feature can be abused, to simply drive an item's price waay high.. since the account deleted has no issues giving up that silver)

    A workaround, would be to lock up the silver as part of the player's unique_id, but its against their own rules where if an account is deleted.. it should be completely deleted off the server.

    They can pool it part of some global-entity.. but that again just makes things much more weirder.. like the silver in that entity keeps growing.. or keeps getting items (they'll need to add another management system for this)

    Point 3. Participate in market trades

    Regarding blocking of market trades, I believe the reason could be.. consider the following scenario.

    There's just 1 hour left for the account to be completely deleted.. and you buy something off the market (and vice versa).

    Now, if the trade takes more than 1 hour.. it can create several issues:

    1. Who would the active player's merchants deliver resources to when your account is deleted?

    2. Where would your merchants return to?

    3. (Assuming you are a teuton, and the other player is a gaul), The other player delivers the resources to you.. but your merchants don't.. since during that time.. your account got deleted (there are some workarounds here.. like convert the merchants to Natars.. or something else..).

    So, seeing the tradeoff between how much extra work - special conditions travian need to consider to avoid running into bugs to provide that one feature, I guess the tradeoff.. of blocking the trades/auctions all-together sounds much reasonable for them.

    Also, that could be the reason they have the 72 hrs window for the account deletion.

    They want to make sure that most of the events triggered by the account finish before the account is disposed off for good.

  • As I said in first post, I can understand auction restrictions (none of them last 3 days though).

    Market? OK and what happens if I send resources (not trade) and account deletes while merchants en route? Or someone send to me?

    And how about being attacked by account on deletion, calling defense, golding the wall, maybe granary, maybe NPC couple times to feed defense just to see it go pff 30 secs before landing (if it lands at least people would get experience and def points). How about account on deletion defending me and going pfff before real attack landing? I don't think merchants going pff is bigger loss really or even auction loss.

    In any case, the issue that triggered my post is restriction on artifact use under deletion on CV. I see no reason for that whatsoever.

  • yeah you are right, they need to change things.

    Change it so you completely remove all capabilities of gameplay during the deletion period.

    Stop giving people the ability to delete their account and run around with a hammer until the last sec.

    Or the ability to keep building defence and spiking farming until the last sec.

    Either you play, or you quit playing, there shouldn't be a middle ground.


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