Nomination thread nx5

  • Thanks to sindre, its full copy.

    Bringing back an old tradition we had back in the old days (at Nox that is). Why it was called a nomination thread i will never understand, as no polls or anything is made, but whatever. The point of the this is pretty self-explanatory. We use a template of different categories (that i have translated from norwegian, please excuse my mediocre english), but you are welcome to select only a few, or add you own as you like.

    My Account (and ally):


    MVP of the round:

    Best leader:

    Best defensive player:

    Best offensive player:

    Most underrated account:

    Most overrated account:

    Best roman:

    Best teuton:

    Best gaul:

    Rookie of the round:

    Most appreciated player:

    Nicest player:

    Most tactical player:

    5 players from my own alliance i would like to be allied with next round:

    5 players from another alliance i would like to be allied with next round:

    Best forum user:


    Best alliance:

    Most underrated alliance:

    Most overrated alliance:

    Best defensive alliance:

    Best offensive alliance:

    Best leadership:

    Worth remembering

    Best event:

    Worst event:

    Best use of artifact:

    Worst use of artifact:

    Biggest mistake:

    Biggest suprise:

    Why my ally/meta won or lost:

    What will i remember from this Nordicx round: