'murica 10x any alliances for a newbie? [FOUND]

  • Hello I'm "new" to the game, I remember playing this in like mid school with my friend then quit out of frustration. I didn't know much about the game (and much English lol) back then so didn't really care about diplomacy. Well- I still stand by my point about how there not being a power range for users to attack messes up newbie's games.

    I don't remember much, but not a total stranger either. I would be glad if anyone would like to let this newbie in their alliance. This is just my opinion but I think letting me in will be a good future investment for your alliance. ;)

    Levity aside, if you would like to discuss a possible position you have available for me in your alliance, write it down here or send me a message for further discussion.

    Edit: my beautiful text face turned into an emoji, oops.

    Edit 2: Forgot to add, my timezone is UTC+3.

    Edit 3: Nvm, found one. PS somehow I think I'm making myself more vulnerable to attacks by posting here. Will see.

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