💚 Time to say Goodbye 💚 CM Change

The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • Dear Nordics players and friends,

    The time has come for me to leave the Travian: Legends team behind. My adventures will continue in other familiar games, while the amazing Stellamini will help take care of the Nordics community.

    It has been a big pleasure to spend time with all of you and I feel privileged. Travian: Legends players are a proud tribe and for the best of reasons.

    A discussion thread makes for a more fun way to say goodbyes instead of an announcement, right?

    If you have any questions about the CM switch or something else you'd wish to comment, I'll be here for the week.

    Thank you for all the memories and time together,

    💚 Samisu

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  • Thank you for everything you did for the nordics community! Lucky I still have the pleasure to work with you on RN so I wont say goodbye :D

  • You will always be my favourite perkele Samisu  <3

    I am not the villain in this story, I do what I do, because there is no choice.

    Retired since 2020 until further notice.

  • .FI community was on the brink of death under the previous CM. And then the news came, a new CM was finally announced and question on everyone's mind were "Who on earth is this guy, where did he come from and does he even know anything about Travian?". Seemed like nobody had an answer to that and I think most of us were wondering if "some random guy" is really able to turn around this ship in time before it sinks. We had gotten accustomed to that there was next to no communication, we had to literally go to .com forums to see the current announcements as we didnt receive them or received them very much later in our own forums.

    Things started happening, announcements started coming in time, there was forum games, there was actual life on the forums and we were getting some back and forth communication again. We had a real and living Community Manager who did their job and even bit more than that! Turned out this "random guy" really was a nice and professional person who really knows what he is doing.

    It is a shame to see you go, we will indeed miss you a lot but we do appreciate that you know the worth of having someone dedicate enough time for this project and making sure it wont be forgotten and left behind again. Good luck with your future endeavors, may they be prosperous and successfull too. On behalf of (atleast most of) the .FI community, words cant describe how thankful we are. But a picture can...

    .. just kidding, could not find anything fitting here. But, thank you and hopefully your follower will be atleast as good as you were. :crocodile:

    p.s. We need :crococool: on forums!

  • Could not have said it better myself. Really enjoyed having someone here who actually cared about the community and our opinions, even tho there was not much you could actually do for us, but it means a lot that you actually tried. Wish you only the best Samisu