New Scout Features

  • I would love new scout seeing abilities, that could become available at a certain smithy level or as a new option for "what to scout". A few potential new ones below:

    - smithy levels of enemy troops in that village

    - net crop production in the village

    - loyalty of the village

    - total troop movements into/out of scouted village

  • - net crop production in the village

    You can easily get this information with current scouting mechanics - it's called a crop scout. You send two scoutings on resources some seconds apart (10 seconds makes it easy to calculate), and then check the difference in the crop number. I think the mechanic is fine as it is, don't think it needs to be easier.

    For the other things, I think they're largely useless, except the last one if you're scouting a potential incoming hammer, who isn't in the top 10 raiders, and you're not sure if he has launched a real or is still raiding. But I don't think that information should be available with scoutings tbh.