Same Second Attack - Travian Guides (2020)

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  • Same Second Attack Video Link

    1. Install Pale moon

    2. Using pale moon browser to send troops to your desire location, reach the point right before you can click on 'confirm' to send your troops

    3. Go to top left corner > Web Developer > Work Offline and click on it

    4. Click confirm send troops

    5. Repeat step 3

    6. Right click on the tabs and click on reload all tabs

    7. Make sure to press enter in quick succession without holding/spamming it, press enter 3 times if you have 3 tabs.

    With practise you should be able to do this fairly easily.

  • After firefox disabled the 'reload all tab' function, i think this would be useful for many people. :love:

    INX4 - X Men (NG) | INX5 - Messiah (NG) | INX7 - Barbarian (NG)
    INX9 - BloodDrain | INX10 - Invoker (Z) | INX12 - Rogue Knight (NE)
    IN3(R4) - Scorpion
    AUX20 - Ben-Hur/The Knight (NW)
    AUX21 - Bar-B-Q (Cartels)
    COMX - The Ghost (SW)

    ANGLOX6 - DrunkNSober (UGR/M) | ANGLOX7 - Sylvanas/The Ghost (UGR)