[Nordics] New Community Manager

  • Dear Community,

    I am Stellamini and I am the new Community Manager (CM) for Nordics.

    I want to start with thanking Samisu for all the hard work and the dedication he had for Nordics Community. I know you will be missed by the players, but also by the Travian Legends Team. Samisu - my e-bro - I wish you all the best in your new challenges. <3

    When Samisu decided to leave as CM, I was asked to take his place and I accepted. It feels a bit like coming home, since I was CM for SE domain a couple of years ago.

    I started to play Travian in 2008-2009. In 2013 I became Multihunter on SE domain, and I soon also became Support and ForumAdmin.

    In 2017 I became Community Manager and Customer Service Representative (CSR) for SE. When the FI, SE, DK and NO merged into Nordics in 2018, I moved to Anglosphere and became CM there. I stayed as CSR for SE though.

    In 2019 I also became CSR for NO and EN. EN handles tickets written in English, but also tickets in Japanese and Thai (but thankfully we answer in English - google translate is a nice friend to have ;)).

    My goal as Community Manager is to be the player's voice, to forward your opinions, suggestions and feedback to developers/Game Center and to keep you informed of what is happening.

    I want you to know you can always contact me with your questions and feedback. I need your input to be able to do what is best for you. To have discussions on the forum is a good way, since that shows what you as players want and need and I can show HQ that this is you opinions.

    Who is this Stellamini, you may wonder.

    I am liviing in Sweden, in a house in the forest, with my husband and our 4 cats. I met my husband thanks to Travian, when we played in the same alliance on a speed server.

    I work with helping people with dementia, so they can safely live in their own homes as long as possible.

    In my spare time, I like to go for walks in the nature around my home, and also take care of my garden. I also spend a lot of time on Travian, both working with it and playing.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or opinions, please feel free to send me a PM or write in this thread.

    Thanks for reading and I hope we will work well together!