Add playing for own benefit rule back

  • Hello,

    Am i the only one that wants to remove the uses of multis/techs? I really hate they removed the rule about having to play for their own benefit. The game is dying and i think that tech/multi abusers are a big factor. No new players are playing this game. Obviously gold is a factor aswell since most new players probably will not buy gold. But alot of veteran players that i know are quitting because of the tech/multi users. This game isnt about skill or calculations anymore it is about who has the more/better techs. Tell me how it is fair when a player can chief a maxed out village every time after his 3rd village or how they can raid oasis without losing any troops early game which makes them settle second village insanely fast.

    I think it would be really easy for travian to just make a global poll where you can vote for or against the uses of techs and if the rule playing for your own benefit should be added back. The reason i think they removed that rule is to "seem" like they have more players playing the game than they actually have. And most players that say the use "techs" are using sites like TOR and VPN to hide their IP adresses anyway. There is a reason why tehy removed the ability to see how many players are on each server before actually being registered to it. Thats probably why they in General tab have total accounts created listen including deleted/banned ones. It is really frustrating to play and getting beaten by a "cheater" by a few hrs on settling because he never had to lose any troops while raiding oasis. I was able to send my settlers 1-2 hrs before BP but its still not enough. Tbh you cant be at the top without abusing techs anymore which is why me and alot more veterans are quitting this game.

    I really hope you guys feel the same way and we can remove the abusive tech/multi users and bring back the rule of playing for your own benefit.

  • Tech are accounts in an alliance that helps other members in that alliance even though if it gets forbidden. Still, there are techs that are not in the same alliance so others can raid them to get more resources.There are always some resources transfer restriction between alliance members except artifact holders.

    chiffing teammate is important in the plans and for moving large artifacts between members.

    you cant say just ban all. It will change travian game and you should know conseqences before any vote.

    do you really think it is important to chif a maxed out friendly village? While you can transfer those resources to yours by trade routes. I mean village and resources are still there and nothing has chenged.

    If any alliances have long term plans this kind of helping cleaning oasis is important and its reasonable if real people are behind those accounts. let me explain it for example a teuton account with multiple op hammers that needs to raid to feed troops its important to settle not far from center and other WW hammers or WW defenders who are going to build an army in boonies can settle later and help a friend first.

    it is an exact definition of team work. You are just accusing every one as cheaters

  • First time I ever agree with you :P

    Pridestalker isn't used to more advanced teamplay, really can't blame him.