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    A long time ago around 390 BC, a tribe of Gauls, were on the hunt to expand their territory and started to move south towards modern day Italy.

    The Gaul army was led by Brennus, a mighty warrior with big dreams. When they crossed the Alps they fought fierce battles and were able to settle their first villages.

    During the next few years he shifted his focus on building and expanding their villages but also their armies.

    A few years of settling villages made him restless and Brennus was getting stronger and more hungry for power and territory.

    Inevitably crossing paths with the also growing Roman Republic…

    Brennus and his powerful army started to conquer cities closer to Rome and the Romans didn’t like their new neighbours that much.

    He had set his eyes on the city of Rome and gathered his troops to march towards it.

    When Brennus saw the large force of the Roman army appearing in front of him near the rivers Tiber and Allia he noticed nervous looking soldiers.

    The Romans formed a long defensive line to avoid getting flanked which made their centre weak.

    Brennus pushed onwards causing the Romans to stretch out even more and he was able to break the centre of the line splitting the Roman army apart.

    The Gauls were strong and fierce in their battle and the Romans retreated quickly. Brennus hadn’t expected to be victorious and thought there was a trap waiting for him in Rome.

    Answer the questions below to have a chance at winning some Gold!

    1. Which battle between the Romans and Gauls is described here?
    2. To which two cities did the Roman troops flee after the battle? Name at least one of them.

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  • 1. The battle of Allia.

    2. Most of the survivors fled to Rome although it was later sacked as well. The rest of the survivors of the battle escaped to Veii at night from where a new Roman army was later formed.