Can we have shorter server with 1x speed?

  • I may get many down votes....but still let me put my point. Maybe people can correlate.

    Can we have short duration games with 1x speed?

    I tend to loose interest in few becomes everyday liability kind element starts missing.

    Option available is speed server, but as the troops speed is too fast that you have great risk of loss if you get busy for some time.

    So, if possible, if we can have short duration server where Bayard are having less troops based on the length.

    This way a server can end soon and will be more fun.

  • the balance would be having x2 more servers, not only for tournament or specials....

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  • I agree with Amit

    200 - 230 days playing a server every day would be exhausting and always people leave their accounts after a while because of life problems.So it's better to keep the action going in a short time and stop simming to have more fun. Most alliances have nap with each other pre-artifacts release so it can be shortened. Also, it has more income for travin team since time is more important and people use more gold to insta build.

    Speed servers, although are faster, but actually needs the same amount of time you spend on normal servers. For normal guys who have jobs and want to have fun and don't want to have their life ruined by night watching or being online 24/7 , shortened normal server is the only option.

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