[TTQ] Rumors from Group Europe

  • Who are CS-00 defending against?)

    Or are they cheaters?)))

    рух29 - Могикан
    рух30- Бешенный_ГАЛ
    ТТ 2017 - Kalibr
    рух33 - Могикан
    Отборка 2018 Группа А - Бешенный_ГАЛ

    ЧМ 2018/19 - Бешенный_ГАЛ

    Отборка 2019 Группа Б - Бешенный_ГАЛ

    Ру2 2019-2020 Г-Б

    Евро Х10 - NTC

    Отборка 2020 Европа - Бешенный_ГАЛ


  • congrats winter's winners! and also the italian team for their good fight, strange thath nobdy of thei talian team seem to post here, if there are some I receive recruitment propossals via PM for the next server.


    Wich was gifted is mine, I won't give it back.

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