[TTQ] Rumors from Group Asia

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  • talk in forum like a lot of free time.

    but in game loss plan building HAHAHA

    if you have a lot of free time you should to try save building plan or you dont care because it is free building plan and you can request it more from linsen.

  • You guys sould at least show the reports.

    Instead you guys just show what you are has persons.

    Too much free time to attacks in forum

    Btw see you in finals.


  • Yes i am free

    In game being bored because only met a boastful person

    ..Especially C...







  • Well i going to think about your request,since you got time to write in forum, you and your mates could post updates from the ww levels.

    I am one of CoT players in the qualify.

    in my case, i always respected other players like i like the other players respect me.

    I am not leader so i dont know what plans they have to this qualify server.

    @B a y G o s h see how your alliance plays in finals & the other teams as well.


  • I answer to some players from cot.

    We all try to best in final like qualify and wish all team have good game and respect other.


  • Losing BP and storage art on NPC village...

    This guy is a talent :D

    Losing is in your DNA man:/

    Oh are you stolen the bp or you are talking about another alliances? So i cant follow your allies.

    Since 2006 8)

  • Alarmaa

    Please stop losing time here.

    Go train troops in account.




    1. Potae GU THAILAND ไงจ๊ะเตง 85 06.10.20, 02:29
    2. BMN TW+TT+H TTT 81 05.10.20, 19:49
    3. 李奧納多狄卡皮丘 AA.Linsen X CN X E.S Linsen N 54 -
    4. HESSEN ⭐有容乃大⭐ CN-Y.E.S 49 -
    5. abu 3wees ها برد وجهك ؟ E.S 1 49 05.10.20, 15:56
    6. Nobita *❄❄❄* VNDanger 49 -
    7. Pandawa Lima NKRI + Hassan-Amir NKRI 0 -
    8. Mizore Royalist Marketplace COT™ 0 -
    9. SomTum ST00 AVeNGeR 0 -
    10. Nobita *VN - danger* VNDanger 0 -
    11. 秦王嬴政 贰货 CN-西疆都护府 0 -
    12. TandD ⭐海纳百川⭐ CN-Y.E.S 0 -
    13. 李奧納多狄卡皮丘 X.L. C. E Linsen N 0 -

    Yesterday there was an attemp to conquer COT WW. I ask here to the players from the aliances that have the reports, post in forum so all ( players ) see it.



  • What a cute.

    They couldn't get any BP and borrowed it from Linsen . now they almost lost their ww. LMAO

    WP COT ( Cl_wns of Thanos)


    Th1 2017 : ร้านdog - Behemoth

    Tournament Qualification 2017 : TUK TUK - L Lawliet
    Th1 2018: CH - Trafalgar Law
    Comx 2018: Thai, ANT, BAITAPFF - Gray Fullbuster

    Thx 28 : เลาจน์, กบฏ - Aida Sayaka

    Thx 29 : Olympus, GG - Amaterasu

    Tournament Qualification 2020 Group Asia : BAD GUY - L Lawliet

    Asia X 2020 Round 3 : ห้าว - Bushin

  • Please stop losing time here.

    Go train troops in account.

    Train for what? Game ended for us. Congrats to you and others. But dont forget;

    It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

    See you in finals.

    Since 2006 8)