[TTQ] Rumors from Group Asia

  • How long you make that 7.1m def score?

    114 days?


    We present

    How to def No.1 in 3 days

    1. Aon 10200 16 9036171
    2. R.v Group 84796 64 7179616

    I don't know what "ES" team name meaning

    Until now, I think i know that

    ES = EASY


    are you tired? hahahaah

    I think in this part we fight against kid

    its so EaSy

    - Linsen are good opponent to play against

    aggressive style on BP -25/-25 make us fun

    - other alliances that we not faced directly, i dont know about them

    - A-T that someone send to face us, For me it's nothing

    and finally i think i must say good bye to COT

    Children Of Teletubbies



    :rep04: 2015 - TS5 [God/มด/MARS]

    :rep04: 2015 - Qualifier of Tournament 2015 [GG™] Vice WW level 91

    :rep04: 2015 - Tournament 2015 Final Round [ND-TH] Co-op with Arab Vice WW level 99

    :rep04: 2016 - Thx 18 [Ruby]

    :rep04: 2016 - Qualifier of Tournament 2016 [THAILAND] Champion!!

    :rep04: 2016 - Tournament 2016 Final Round [THAILAND] Co-op with Russia Champion!!

    :rep04: 2017 - Thx 21 [ดักแด้]

    :rep04: 2018 - TS1 [Finance]

    :rep04: 2019 - TS5 [Harem]

    :rep04: 2019 - Thx 28 [ขำๆ]

    :rep04: 2020 - Qualifier of Tournament 2020 {BAD GUY} Champion!!

    เผืออยากรู้ ไม่อยากรู้แล้วอ่านก็ควายละ

  • This will be my final post in travian forum

    Congratulations for the wining

    Well played

    Well organized

    The low side of the server his that his own way this game reveals how people are in real life. No mater the difficulties that the Worl in General his passing with Covid , the mentality of people doesn't change it's sad.

    Don't worry with COT , soon we will show the evolution in the right place.

    At least we are called " childen " by you and other things too, i hope you remenber real good your own words when you loose.

    Regards to all



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  • Hi Pedro

    As you see there were many opponents against Thailand and TW and all they have our respect except COT and you should know the reason of that...

    COT leaders behavior during this server make them a cheap alliance although you have many good players.

    Many disrespect and insults make them be in this stage,this is not about losing or winning, this is about showing class and prestige...

    I clearly remember when our alliance decided to break down our pact with COT(because we found there's no plan in their leaders mind), Butch(amun ra) sent me a message and made ((racist insults)) against us just for an oasis!

    Not all of people deserve your loyalty, remember this...

    I hope all going ok for everyone.

    See you in 2020 Final👍

  • Hey everyone

    That was a really exciting and enjoyable race.

    I just wanna say thanks to our Thai friends and our men in TW alliance.

    Will see you in final with a better and more powerful squad.

    Best Regards


    Cyrus's answer to the Greek king:

    King of Greece to Cyrus: You are fighting for wealth

    We are for our honor!

    Cyrus: Everyone fights for what he does not have

    You are not honored, we are rich!