Nordic 5 Victory!

  • Nordic 5 have come to its end and BD WW were the one to reach lvl 100! YEY!

    Not many who expected that to happen, me included 8o

    It has been a though server for BD, a lot of hard work have been done to get to today.

    The highlights I remember (or downlights is perhaps more suitable to call it) 8o

    The original BD leaders left suddenly more or less without a word, many following them in deleting.

    The spy Officeren, though we did use him to at least wall one AND hammer with false intel.

    AND teaming up with DK, Nordics and SFV.

    Getting our WW villa catad down a few days before building plans! There were only rally point and marketplace left in it if I remember correctly. Many thought we were over and done with then already. But some of us did not agree on that. Rebuilding bare minimum of what needed left us 400 ish hours behind AND in building, considering a WW takes 610 hours to build its not that bad. Building storage also cost a lot less ress than building on a WW, and we had no natar attacks, so a killer for motivation, but not that large of a set back as most thought.

    We had 211k granary in WW, and have been holding 5 - 6 mill troops there for the last weeks. Right now there is 6,7 mill troops there, that is less than 4 minutes worth of crop in a full granary, but feeding have not been a problem. There have been a few seconds of starvation now and then, but that's it, seconds. Better that than to spend half a day to build one more level on a great granary, or days building more. BD have been doing awesome in setting up trade routes that works perfectly fine!

    BD have been a great team, we have had our difficulties, and strikes of bad luck, but we pulled through. I think it's fair to say our enemy underestimated us badly. And I would be very much pleased to play with you all again!

    BD have the WW that reached lvl 100, however, this is not just our win. We did not do this alone. Scandia and BD have been working closely for the last month as a confed agreeing on shared WWs, had a couple joined OPs and helped each other with def.

    VW and Kapu were the ones that finally decided the outcome of this server. Without their final hits on AND WW, AND would have been the ones to reach lvl 100.

    I know AND/ DK/ Nordics and SFV feels this to be unfair, it turned in to a 1 against 3 WWs in the end, but hey, you guys started the ally up game :P When you start it, expect that more can play that game. When you teamed up with so many, the goal of BD changed from winning to you not winning ;)

    Well done to all in BD, Scandia, WV and Kapu! We did it :love:

    For those of you in AND and cooperators, you were a challenging enemy, saw lots of good play from you, so well played! Tips for next server; be careful to team up to much, and be careful how to spend your hammers, this server could have turned out very differently :)

    Until next time!

    Hugs and kisses from Krusty | Kathrine :*

  • It's great to see that you won, even though I only got to play the start with you. Superb! Hopefully I get a chance to play with some of you again. : )

    Congratulations from both of us, Lantti and me.