The Book of Wisdom - Episode 6 - Mysterious transformations

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    Every morning in each village, heralds came to the main square and made the same announcement. This day was no exception.

    "People of Rome!" The herald bellowed. He was very young, almost a boy, and his high-pitched voice easily penetrated through the thin walls of the central village tavern where Quintus Maximus had just finished his breakfast. "The Emperor once again needs you! The greatest war has begun and only the strongest alliances and the best warriors will have the right to claim victory and join the Final Battle!"

    Quintus Maximus sighed. This call to arms stirred up lots of memories in his head. Memories of majestic indestructible World Wonders which they had to defend together with many millions of soldiers. Memories of vast attacking armies accompanied by tens of thousands of siege weapons which met their end at the city gates. Natar attacks launched against the World Wonder, which became tougher and tougher in their last attempts at victory. And finally, the Great Victory.

    The usual gloomy mood of Quintus Maximus worsened for a moment. He would do everything in his power to join those battles again! Yet, hospital doctors were firm in their conclusion that it was no longer possible.

    However, the old soldier’s bad mood didn't last long. Quintus Maximus couldn't admit even to himself that this little adventure he rushed into, trying to find the mysterious book stolen from the secret library, brought him much entertainment.

    The Book.

    Even though no one knew what's written on its pages, one fact was certain – after reading this book, people's lives changed fundamentally. Famous thieves could become peaceful farmers, and – on the other hand – farmers could suddenly find courage to gather huge armies under their command.

    Eventually, Quintus Maximus ended up following the rumors about these suspicious and sudden transformations. To his disappointment, the book always tended to be farther ahead of its pursuer. Just two days ago Quintus Maximus talked to the glorious attacker in the nearby village who suddenly noted that he always wanted to become the best defender. As usual, this person didn't remember what was written in the book, nor even that he had ever read anything. This guy, armed with a spear in his right hand, was genuinely confused by the questions because he was sure he'd been a defender his whole life!

    Quintus hoped to learn where the book would be sold next and ideally appear there before the next transformation happens. This was a task that Quintus Maximus wasn't sure how to solve yet. This stolen book fired his imagination. The transformations it performed on the people around almost seemed like the book had its own cynical personality and cunning sense of humor. Quintus Maximus smiled. If this was true, then the book should be very similar to himself. It would be interesting to get hold of it eventually.

    Right now, Quintus talked to the innkeeper, who had suddenly seen how five soldiers, who were staying in his tavern as night defense, had forgotten everything about their previous lives. Some even didn't remember their names! Luckily, the innkeeper managed to gather some facts about them.

    • One of the heroes is called Klaudius and he is standing on one of the edges.
    • If Markus had been standing next to Patricia, then Alexander would have been standing next to his namesake. (Tip: This sentence means, that in fact Markus is NOT next to Patricia)

    Task: What are the names of each hero?

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    29.06.2020 – 09:00 UTC+1

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  • I found two answers, the names can be in this order:

    Kladius, Markus, Alexander, Patricia, Alexander or

    Alexander, Markus, Alexander, Patricia, Kladius

  • The soldiers are standing as follows:
    Alexander - Markus - Alexander - Patricia - Klaudius


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