3rd village

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  • hi
    im kinda stuck, about 3rd village settlement,
    usually when people settle their 3rd village, after 7 fields in firs 2 villages,
    or after 1 village at lev 10 fields, 2nd village at lev 5-7 fields,

    let me know please

  • it depends on how many culture points villages produce and if you have CP helmet very early (about when you settle 2nd) to boost cp production and not having to spend resources on townhall and celebrations.

    other then that, if you have decent raiding can also do more on construction/celebration earlier on

    and 3rd, if you spend a lot of gold, your 2nd village should have fields 10/11 or even more as crop is the cheapers resource to build and it gives you higher total production.

    anyway, this suits me the server i play now:


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