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  • some new look buildings for each tribe

    Bounce building have changed TS is 20% per level and brewery now has 20 lvl , 1% per level

    Hero has new feature when level up gains full health

    New confederation system up to 4 allies can confed and deffence can be sent only to your ally and your confrd

    New animal respawn during beginner protection , once you cleared an oasis it will no longer spawn animals till end of BP

    2 tribe added to the game egyption who has water work and doubles oasis bounce and pretty cheap and fast training slaves , egyption wall is now used for ww , hero resources production is double

    huns as an aggresive tribe and new building in order to build 3 chifs in every village

    Wave builder is now avilable in game by activating once per server per village and sends 4 waves in each second

    New static section called General that show your hammer rank both in alliance and in that specific server , total deffence rank , resource production ( raided or produced ) and culture point production rank

    Actully people dont use froum any more , here is official travian discord link : https://discord.gg/NJYpsth

    Feel free to join

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  • Here goes nothin' I guess. I expect the game to be completely different in so many ways.

    Nailzz Out

    game looks good.

    Alliance now have bonus to put resources into.

    Daily quest....get rewards..

    Not sure what else would be different (wave builder) Better looking vills on maps ;) :P

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    10 years of game play.....all in one day ;):hero2:

  • your name sounds familiar. Didnt you write some super long tutorial for playing Teutons back in the day? :D

    Nope haha....I hope not........My name must sound fa-miler though ....Name is always twiggy.....Apart from once "Grim"....but years ago....i play on com1 atm under twiggy....got rid of duels....never having again......Got bullied out the first time....without having one into one lol.....I make a scene sometimes :)

    :rom10: New On Forum

    10 years of game play.....all in one day ;):hero2: