Capturing of Animals

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  • so here is my idea..

    lets capture troops from other players village..

    1) attacker hero goes with cages ( can go with troops or not..)
    2) attacker hero capture animals from other people (if troops are with them they ransack village too)

    defender situation

    defender have animals only no def troops ( own villa troops or ally troops or own acnt troops)

    1) attacker capture animals and ransack villa
    defender have animals + ally troops (or own acnt troops)

    1) attacker fight with defense

    defender have animals + own villa troops but in evasion
    1) attacker capture animals rob villa
    defender have animals _ own villa troops no evsion
    attacker fight it out :P

    so its in basic if there are no def troops animals can be captured.. say no to pure zoo... keep some troops to fight them..

    win win for both attacker and defender.. if defender doesnt keep even one troops which is quite easy it is attackers win..
    if defender wants to really defend he needs some def to save his animals and fight together can be limited like if there are 40 animals worth crop then troops to control them must be in equal crops... to avoid capture..

    1) if defender have 50 animals 49 def troops.. then 49 animals fight with 49 def troops.. one can be captured
    2) if defender have 50 animals 51 troops all fight
    3) 50 animals 50 troops all fight..

    thats all..

  • The whole idea of cages is to deffend your village with out troops ( and raid oasis without loss ) , your suggestion makes the cages no more usable for defender cause attacker will recapture them and raid you as well! Zoo is not a bad thing and also it needs alot of silver to achive. Let them have their comfort when they paied that amount of money for a browser game !

  • Well they just need atleast equal troops to make the defend..

    Its no fun.. to kill animals.. if someone can spend money to get animals but not single troops.. it should be captured by someone else who have cages with troops.. this will force people to keep some troops with animals be it from own account or from alliance.. pure zoo should be avoided... That will make people more interested... People avoid zoo villa. This will make people to try and capture those zoo.. ofc attacker needs to have cages too.. which is win win for travian team too..

    Cause people will fight more aggressively with troops and with cages.