LoT: Bulk editing farm-list entries!

  • Dear community!

    With this we would like to highlight one special feature that we added to our Release Polarbear 746 [4793] based on your feedback and Legends on Tour event workshops:

    Bulk-editing farm-list entries!

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    What will change:

    We have added “Edit all” into the farm-list. When at least one entry is selected, this button will change into “Edit selected”.

    What can be done with bulk editing feature:

    • Adding new troop values to all (or selected entries) of the farm-list.
    • Move all (or selected) entries to the new farm-list (please, keep in mind, that target farm-list entry number still can’t exceed max number of 100 entries).
    • Clicking on the delete button will delete all affected entries.

    We hope you like this new change and it will make this routine task of updating farm-lists less time-consuming for you.

    You can read full changelog and rollout plan here.

    Happy raiding everyone!

    Your Travian: Legends team


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