The bug is real

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    BlackBlade    This wonderful thing. i guess it originated from anglo, so you are aware. not really a new thing apparently, but for some it is. Unfortunately i know lemon, so he spreads it like wildfire. ;(

    So to people reading, don't touch the + or - sign.

    Will force you to keep the display of structure and field lvl's that you can see on the picture. That is not something you want to have. :D stay safe out there.


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  • It seems like they are working on it but the lack of information is not good, on the qualification servers they changed the update date to 2020-07-14 cause of this probably

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  • I was wondering if i was the only one who have encountered this bug...

    Any ways to fix it?

    Unfortunately no. We have to wait for a fix. We can't get rid of it by clearing cache or anything else related to personal hotfixing.
    I'm starting to get used to it, but i have upgraded the wrong res field 3 times now. ><
    This is the closest i have gotten to information regarding the issue:

    I haven't seen any news though. :D

  • Frankly why did the button exist in the first place?

    I mean, who would want to have their buildings without telling you they can be upgrade or not?

    Having the indicators saves an enormous amount of time.

    They should straight up removing the button.

  • I could not agree more

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  • clicked it


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