ts5.hispano account searching for American third player!

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    We are a top 20 offence account and top 100 pop who have 150% cropper secured in one of the top ally's! We are searching someone who is willing to be the third account runner! We need someone so we can get normal sleep xD

    We are offensive teut that have some medals of farming and attacking... Ideal would be if you can cover EU night time! Gold is a plus, Not needed tho i put gold on anyway :p

    We communicate trough discord group chat, we want some1 who has experience and time and can give ideas and plans. Someone who communication is on point, like what he did what he would like us to do when he is asleep vice versa!

    If u join the account its for the server long... i do not want to search a new dual every 2 weeks....

    So if ur down to play on a normal speed server with us?

    Add me on discord; Nicoovw#4641