COMX - Summer/Fall 2020 - Server Chat

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    Hello Fancy Summer Nerds

    The new comx server is now a week old and around 3k players have joined in.
    A few alliances have formed so far, and in that regard, we feel that the alliance banter should start to begin.
    If you feel like having some extra fun, share some reports, throw some nuts and memes towards the enemy, then that is the place to do it.
    Come hang out, assign yourself to the alliance you represent and let the fun begin.

    Join us here: COMX - Discord Server Chat


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  • Navi seems to be a good alliance. I began yesterday, 1 week later. I am on +|+ and they seem to dominate over there.

    V with only 9 Members, is like on every top, so they seem to be a problem to all in mid/late game