Travian: Shadow Empires - Feature set preview! ⚔️

  • In Travian: Shadow Empires, everything changes. Bound by destiny, former foes become trusted neighbors while mighty enemies roam in the far distance.

    But in a war-torn world, who can really be trusted? How much worth does an oath have on Travian's battle-scarred lands?

    Whatever awaits you, to make sure you're not left uninformed and unprepared, we have gathered everything that is different to your normal Travian experience.

    Travian: Shadow Empires is introducing a new concept to the game – factions. During registration after selecting your tribe, you can choose your faction.

    Any combination is possible. A Roman playing for the Marauders, a Hun playing for the Empire? The choice is yours!

    There are 5 factions and each faction starts in a different position on the map:

    Empire - In the center Dynasty - In the south-east Rebels - In the north-west Horde - In the east Marauders - In the north
    Empire-e1592909575221.png Dynasty-e1592909479328.png Rebels-e1592909503306.png Horde-e1592909556772.png Marauders-e1592909531959.png

    As you see, your choice of faction will influence the area where your first village spawns, and you will be surrounded by members of your faction. What also changes with the introduction of factions are the victory conditions for the game. An entire faction wins the game, and a ranking within the faction shows which alliance contributed most to the faction's victory.

    How does a faction win?

    A faction's alliances now join forces to conquer regions for their faction. The top 5 alliances within a region are important. If alliances of the same faction achieve more than 50% together, their faction conquers the region and ancient powers are granted to the faction's biggest alliance in that region.

    So we have two rankings: Factions earn victory points for all the regions they hold. This is independent of the victory points attained by individual alliances. The faction with the most victory points wins.

    Anything else you should know?

    Yes, we have slightly changed the position of some of the regional powers as well as the victory points you receive by conquering certain regions. Have a look at this magnificent map.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is about the begin!

    Your Travian: Legends Team

  • Travian: Shadow Empires Comparison Table

    If you never played an Annual Special, this table will be very useful for you to check on the differences between Travian: Legends and Travian: Shadow Empires.

    What Travian: Legends Travian: Shadow Empires
    Map Flat Ancient Europe
    Regions No 87 regions to be conquered
    Advanced Start No No
    Victory points No Victory points are accumulated by the TOP 5 alliances of the Faction that dominates a region.

    To dominate a region a faction needs to have >50% territorial control and the "securing" cool-down timer (24 hours) did run out.
    Tribes 3 (Gauls, Teutons, Romans) Check out the game world start table right below this table.
    WoW Yes No
    Troop merging No Yes - unlimited with resources - Gold usage limited to 50 Gold per day per village
    Troop forwarding No Yes
    Trade routes You can create trade routes to your own villages, to the Wonder of the World of your alliance/confederation and to the villages with artifacts within your alliance/confederation. You can create routes to your own villages
    Cranny capacity and merchant capacity Every account has cranny capacity and merchant capacity that depend on the account tribe. Every village has cranny capacity and merchant capacity that depend on the village tribe.
    End of server The server ends when a Wonder of the World owned by a player or a Natar has reached level 100. The server ends after 180 days for 1x speed and 80 days for 3x speed.
    Hospital No The hospital is a special building that gives the players a recovery option for troops wounded in combat.
    Name Called artifacts Called ancient powers
    Availability Architects' secret, Titan boots, Eagles eyes, Diet control, Trainers talant, Storage masterplan, Rivals confusions, Artefact of fools, WoW Construction Plan Architects' secret, Titan boots, Eagles eyes, Diet control, Trainers talant, Storage masterplan, Rivals confusions
    Conquering Can be conquered by destroying the treasury in an attack with the hero if the player has a big enough treasury in their village. Once a faction secures a region (means it has the control of it for at least 24 hours), the ranked 1 alliance within that faction gains access to the ancient power which can be activated in a village with a big enough treasury.
    Activation It automatically activates 24 hours after being conquered. It needs to be activated manually every 24 hours; the same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member.
    Power duration It is permanently active. It needs to be activated manually every 24 hours; the same ancient power can be activated once for each alliance member (account scope effect) and once for each alliance members village (village scope effect).
    Power restrictions
    A hero can capture multiple artifacts and there are no limits.
    Only the 3 oldest artifacts are active, of which only 1 can be unique or have an account-wide effect. If there are 2 artifacts with account-wide effects among a player's 3 oldest artifacts, the fourth oldest will become active.

    While in Travian: Legends, the artifact is always active for the owning village or account; the ancient powers in Travian: Shadow Empires need to be activated. They can be activated as soon as a player's faction has achieved >50% territorial control, has held the territory for 24 hours and their alliance is ranked 1 within that faction for that region. To activate an ancient power, an alliance member just needs a treasury at level 10 for ancient powers with an effect for the village, or a treasury at level 20 for ancient powers with an effect for the account.

    There are naturally a few restrictions: For each village, only one ancient power may be activated, and for each account only one account-wide ancient power may be activated. Thus, a total of two ancient powers can have an effect on one village.
    Villages When you conquer a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village changes tribe to the tribe of your account. All tribe-specific buildings disappear. When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village remains with that tribe. The tribe-specific buildings are kept, unless they are destroyed while being conquered. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
    Natars When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to your account with its respective tribe. When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief's village.
    Where No restrictions You can only settle in regions that have a neighboring region with more than 4,000 population. There are a few regions you can always settle (starting regions for the faction).
    Village When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the same tribe as the account. When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler's village.
    Hero adventures and items
    Hero items Wearing items from other tribes does not improve your units. Wearing items from other tribes improves the values of the units from that tribe in the current village.
    Items in adventures Your hero can only find items of the account's tribe. Your hero can only find items of the account's tribe.
    Troops in adventures Your hero can only find troops from the account's tribe. Your hero can find troops that belong to the tribe from which he started the adventure.
    Standard The hero item standard affects troop movements within alliance members. The hero item standard affects troop movements within the confederacy.


  • More details about victory points and alliances

    Regions are now conquered by factions, not individual alliances. The population of the top five alliances within the region is counted. If alliances within a faction manage to account for 50% or more of that population, the conquest will start and after 24 hours, the faction will become the controller of the region.

    Victory points for the region are granted to the faction that controls it and proportionally to the individual alliances of that faction in top five in the region.

    The ancient power of the region may only be used by the alliance that has the most population in the region and belongs to the controlling faction.


    (Click to enlarge the image)

    In the image above, you can see an overview of the victory points you can obtain from each region as well as the position of the different ancient powers. Note: Both have changed compared to Codex Victoria!


    (Click to enlarge the image)

    In the image above, you can see an example of the region control statistics. The controlling faction of this region is the Empire and it will receive 100 victory points. Alliances within the Empire faction will also receive victory points based on their top five ranking. For example: The alliance "Empire 1" provided 2500 population out of the 5500 population in total from the Empire faction in this region. The alliance's victory points are calculated as follows: 2500/5500 = 45% of the amount of VPs gained in this region.

    Keep in mind how the Empire alliances are able to control the region despite none of them having a majority individually. The alliance "Rebels 1", playing for the Rebel faction, has more population compared to the alliances "Empire 2", "Empire 3", and "Marauders 1". By working together as alliances, the Empire faction holds the majority and controls the region.

    Winning the round

    The round is won by the faction that has the most victory points at the end of the time provided (180 days for normal-speed and 80 days for 3x speed game worlds). Within the winning faction, there is also an alliance ranking that shows which alliances contributed the most to the faction's victory.

  • Dear community,

    One of our main objectives in game design is providing players with multiple options to make meaningful choices through the whole game and creating a wide diversity of paths to reach the goals.

    In preparation for the start of our Annual special scenario Travian: Shadow Empires we are closely monitoring the Open Beta server progression and collecting your feedback through multiple channels (Forum, Discord, Facebook etc). Based on the received information we came to the conclusion that the difference in size of spawn regions (and therefore in number of spawn spots per region) results that some factions get new players mainly in 1-3 regions, while the others settle in 7-8 or even more with the same number of players from the very start. This in turn creates the situation where some factions are put into a more difficult situation than others in their race to victory.

    After thorough consideration a decision has been made to make some adjustments and introduce some balancing changes to all new gameworlds of Travian: Shadow Empires that start in September.

    What will change:

    • The maximum number of spawn spots will be limited to 300 slot per region for large (801x801) map gameworlds and to 100 slot per region for small (401x401) ones.
    • Start regions for some of the factions have also been slightly changed in comparison to the beta. You can see the changes of the first 3 regions of each faction in the image below.


    We want to thank all beta players and alliance strategists for your input and great feedback that we receive.

    Your Travian: Legends team