The Book of Wisdom - Episode 7 - In the Shadows

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    For the few centuries of my existence, I have never been in such a desperate state. What can be worse than having been sold at auction as some nameless item and changing owners every single day?

    No one ever asked my opinion about what I want, whether I needed something; everyone just eagerly opened my pages trying to find secret knowledge and enhance their personal traits.

    Ha! At least on that matter I could pay them back for their negligence. You want to be infamous for successful attacks? Sure, go get your spear of phalanx and join the army of defenders. You want to increase strength? Why would I care? You will look great in peasant's clothes on a crop field.

    I visited tens of villages and performed around a hundred transformations. Yes, you guessed correctly. Unlike my later widespread imitations, I do not disappear after each transformation. Instead, people forget what they bought me for and just sell me again.

    Every day, I end up in a different backpack with all the other stuff that people here tend to carry with them. Scrolls, tablets of law, water buckets, helmets, clothes. I don't even want to think how I look like now.

    There was something interesting I noticed recently though. The new emblems that appeared on armor. There was a weird dependency for them based on the people's origins.

    Wild boar for the west.

    Stag for the north.

    Scarab for the south-east.

    Horse for the east.

    Finally, a golden eagle in the center.

    And endless conversations about war. All the time. Everywhere. Even in the smithy where my current owner – an old gray-haired Gaul – brought me to fix my clasp:

    "We have been waiting for too long," he continued the conversation with the scarred Egyptian he came with. "While we're hesitating, the Marauders are finally laying claim to their last region and will soon make their move beyond. The gap will be unbearable soon. We might lose our advantage in no time."

    "I would not care about Marauders just yet. They've always been so slow in economic matters." The hushed voice of the Egyptian sounded very confident. It was obvious that this was not his first war. "A few targeted attacks on their main cities and they won't be able to recover. What bothers me more currently is the south-east, though. I haven't heard about any recent attacks from them to any of the factions and look at their population! They have already enforced their claims and cleared their regions of any foreign invasion. They are certainly preparing something. Yes, we are separated by central provinces and the Mediterranean, yet still, I would definitely put my bet on them as our main rivals. Those scarab worshippers are not as simple and peaceful as they want us to believe."

    "What about the eastern nomads? I heard that the Horde now has a new ruler."

    "The right time for them hasn't come yet. And…" the Egyptian smirked, "if our diplomats manage to have the eastern Horde clash with the Empire, it will never come. For either. This war is going to be very interesting! Now, let the smith do what we came here for. We need to get prepared for attack and for that I need this book in good condition when our time comes!"

    Task: The blacksmith received the order to fix the clasp on the Book of Wisdom. The broken clasp is coded, so he needs the correct combination to unlock it. Solve the math riddle.


    Detailed information

    Start Date / Time:

    20.07.2020 - 09:00 UTC+2

    End Date / Time:

    27.07.2020 – 09:00 UTC+2

    Winners announced on:


    Winner chosen:

    We will pick 6 random winners among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold Voucher valid until:


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