TDE-SW the lowest alliance in Travian history?

  • Congratulations!!!

    To TDE-SW and their specially to their mighty leader Lord Rahl for probably beating the records of being the most pathetic and unskilled leader of the most pathetic alliance.

    Congratulations you won the server!!!but in the most pathetic way.

    After 100 days of purely siming (our #1 deffender had as many deff points as your entire alliance) and farming (including daddy D3K's private farms) a PREMADE alliance will fail on poor GD every single OP.The mighty Lord Rahl goes to beg for help on his knees to ALL the alliances from the server (including TNT :D ) over 800 players against 180 ... here game is destroyed!!!

    Well done Lord Rahl....i think its time for you to retire in glory!!!

  • 800 vs 180... lmao.
    Its hard to get def points when you dont get one single attack thrown before day 100.

    You did a very good job with your diplomatics. Not.

    Starting a war with everything and everyone.

    You are a great player and had a nice army, but the saltiness is just next level.

  • 800 vs 180... lmao.
    Its hard to get def points when you dont get one single attack thrown before day 100.

    You did a very good job with your diplomatics. Not.

    Starting a war with everything and everyone.

    You are a great player and had a nice army, but the saltiness is just next level.

    nah mate :P you know me :D and come on you know the truth but you on the other side and i understand it

    We did not had spy in TDE but lets say we had an eye here and there in the alliances lord rahl approached...i got proves if you intrested you know where to find me :D ... so everything i say here is based of proves unfortunatly forum moderators wont allow me to post them here.... sad

  • From my experience in almost every server the one who is losing the server or thinks he is, starts blaming the enemy. I always read in forums that the blame falls on others and not selfcritisism, which is pathetic.

    Regarding the history of this server, TDE and SW were 2 big teams of the same quad (SW..), we united and killed the rest of the smaller alliances around and then prepared for arties.

    Answering to this move RAR (after giving leadership to TEN alliance guys) tried to unite their quad and more by absorbing everything that was moving in the NW and NE quad uniting the north against the remaining ngp guys of SE, and some independent sole alliances around and TDE/SW. This zerging of unifying - zerging of North in one META under name of GD with many wings at the start made the rest of the servers alliances to feel very negative against GD. Now after they failed in their north merging, they turn to rest of the server blaming them for not being allies with them? I think it's obvious, all this shit about deleting is their problem created by themselves for themselves. If and when they delete the remaining server will find enemies and keep fighting amongst each other and not zerging as GD did. Noone in this world likes bullies, who would want to partner with GD?

  • Hahahaha Stiggy dosent even have the first facts clear. There were no TEN alliance leading, just 3 guys from gunners.

    1. There was no zerging on our side. At the start we had 60 members in our quad and later 60 in another. Both of our quads have competition in the quad and we didn't unify them.

    2. NGP acted against us, we took care of them. Later the slaves in SE begged to join us and we said no. Wanted a tough server.

    3. We have IGMS of your leader contacting GODS, TNT and other alliances, on top of that you merged with SE. You had 4 wings of your own with 30 pre mades. We were randoms joined together.

    Your leader ruined the server for you. Enjoy the competition, ask lord rahl which alliances he had contacted for help.

    We never had many wings, dont know where you get your info from dear Stiggy.

    You guys never bothered to keep the server competitive, joined hands with every ally you can find - BK BK 2, NGP, NGP 2, GODS, TNT just to name a few. What a bunch of losers, coming with premeds and merging with more than half the server to compete against random and new alliance. On top of that had the audacity to expect GD to play and let them get their so called win.

    You are seriously crying about this, can't believe it. Should have thought of this before you unite 500 players against a team of 150 acc. Did you really think GD should stay and give you guys the satisfaction of hitting our WW ?

    YOU GUYS RUINED THE SERVER FOR YOURSELF. Putting the odds so much against us that we had no choice, had you done so via ops or skills we could have stayed. However recruiting every alliance does it for us. Dont know why we should waste our time when a premade alliance has already united 3/4 of the quad, took UA due to confed.

    Win now, your only competition now is GODS and TNT haahahahaa.

    Also TDE had approached NBA and co to merge before we did so..... you guys were hell bent on doing the merging no matter who it was.

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  • Bro, Venom will stomp your ass if you go com2.

    He spawns North West by the way so enjoy 😊

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  • Half of GDs were built up pathetic players who joined GD because they were afraid to be hit by some bullies. They got what they deserved.

    its funny coming from some irelevant player whi is in GODS ally

    Nice stats

    COM4 - Venom

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  • your leader is attacking an account with 3 villages. It's even more funny that it will be defended

    Venom has no leaders you should know that ;)

    Well you actually done a lot in this server. you faked us hundreds of time without a single real attack, thats something.... anyway i guess your fakes were just order from TDE and now after they dumped you like nothing when they had no more use of GODS you came begging for joining GD....

    lesson, dont ever again be the slave of TDE:S

    Btw, i could not but notice that eventually you didnt get a single arti from TDE like you said they promised you for your help, am i right?

  • These are your fantasies 1qaz. I don't know what you are talking about.

    We didn't take any side from TDE and GD, justed defended anyone who came close to us. I can send you the defenses against TDE if you like to see.

    You guys fought well I give you that and I don't know what you are afraid of now that you are deleting. I think you want to play com2 and the rest are excuses.

  • I had to make a forum account to answer to this thread :)

    The core issue here is not to debate who is a better alliance (GD or TDE) because the answer is overwhelmingly that TDE is a stronger team. They were the only premade on the server and it showed with their superior organization and discipline in the early stages. When GD was formed around day 60 (the merger of NWE in the NW and RAR in the NE) the server looked like it was set for an incredible three-way battle: GD vs TDE vs nGp. At the time of GD formation, the power ranking of these alliances was pretty clearly 1) nGp 2) TDE and 3) GD.

    Shortly after, GD vs nGp battle became very intense, and GD outplayed the hell out of nGp, blocking many of their biggest hammers (including that crazy MoonBlaze hammer) and destroying many nGp capitals with barely any losses. After only a few operations in each direction, nGp gave up the fight and their main leaders quit. At this time, nGp leaders offered a full merger with GD but GD rejected this because it would make the server unbalanced. Instead, GD took approximately 20 (I don't know the real number but if it's much more than this I'd be shocked) nGp players located in the NE quad and told the rest to figure it out for themselves so that the server could be fun still.

    It is at THIS POINT that GD has an issue with TDE tactics/diplomacy. At this point GD is coming off two very damaging quad wars (against nGp/TNT in east and GODS/PT/TW/FM in the west) yet STILL rejected taking in all of nGp to keep a more balanced server. TDE, who at this point still had done ZERO fighting (not knocking this strategy, but it's worth mentioning the strong position they had already) then proceeded to take in all remaining nGp players, which ruined the server dynamics. In addition, we confirmed with leaders in TNT, GODS, and others that TDE had extended diplomacy to them in order to conduct joint operations against GD. Now all of a sudden GD is looking at TDE + nGp + GODS + FM + PT + TW + TNT in coordination against them. This is not 800 accounts against 200, but the real numbers are more like 500 against 190, and it's not like GD had significantly more quality (less, in fact) to balance against this quantity.

    In just 50 days, we went from a fairly balanced 3-way fight, to a fairly balanced 2-way fight, to a completely unbalanced server.

    Could GD have made better decisions along the way? Absolutely. NWE broke away and led a bloody coup in the NW quad against GODS leaders (don't even get me started on those clowns) and RAR had no friends before NWE either. However, TDE did make the final decision to unbalance the server for good, by recruiting all of nGp, and for this the server could never be saved. The issue is with this outrageous diplomacy conducted by TDE. This game is meant to be fun, and when the fun is taken out of the server, there isn't any reason to stay and waste time/money on it. Players will go on to other servers in search of said fun, mainly com2 by the sound of it, where a more interesting server will hopefully happen. TDE used win-at-all-costs, hand-holding diplomacy methods, and it worked. TDE has locked up the server and there is no need or desire to play it out. Congrats to them, it is not how I would want to be defeated, but defeat us they have.

  • Dont forget, back in early days RAR & SW thought NGP were world beaters. SW were ALL for co-ordinated OPs on NGP. GD was then formed. We didnt realise how poor NGP really were until afterwards, but when cross fire started Stiggy TDE were no where to be seen, they were happy for GD to absorb as much damage as possible so that yo could presumably come in afterwards.

    P.S: RIP MoonBlaze_RO by the way, I hope you found happiness where ever you are. You owe me €200K, cash is fine.

    P.P.S: dante6391  

    P.P.P.S: MoonBlaze_RO your trash

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  • At one point of the server, TDE had 4 wings in SW, GD had 4 wings in NE and NW. In SE Ngp had one wing and some lefovers from NGp++ and were at war with BK. That war ended and they joined TDE uniting the south. GD should have done the same in the north, why they couldn't its their own fault, they should have cleaned the house first before going to war to the south.

    Everyone wants to win, in GD minds it should have stayed like in the beguining of my post, but i'm also sure NGp wanted to have a chance and they wouldn't go far beeing out numered and being in the midle of TDE and GD (the strongest allys at that point).

    It could have been north vs south, most server nowadays are 1vs1.

    Im seeing too many people from GD playing the victims here, but they also could do things differenly, earlier they could have united NE instead of recruting in NW, and now they could have united the north before mass quitting like babys.