Are TT ghost hammers still a thing now?

  • I'm a returning player. Haven't played Travian in almost 3 years. Just wanna ask if building a TT ghost hammer as a Gaul is still worth it? Since I train lots for raiding anyway, dedicating one or two villages for a TT ghost hammer was always how I've done it years ago. And the fact that Steppe Riders and EIs make stronger ghost hammers now makes me have doubts. Any thoughts?

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  • TT ghosts are still a thing. But as you say, other options are potentially better.

    EIs are a bit slower, but they train much quicker, and pack a lot more off power than TTs.

    If you're on a server with all 5 tribes, as you say, huns are very strong too in ghosting. With the hero bonus, they can outspeed TTs even, and again, faster training and more power.

    If you're playing gual defense, and just make a TT ghost or two for raiding, that's perfectly viable still. If you specifically do ghost hammers only, on a 3 tribe server, it's fine to do TTs too (though Romans have several advantages).

    But if you want to play full off, with hammers + ghosts, romans are way better. And if you play on a server with 5x tribes, huns are way better for ghosting, and for off + ghosting too.