Looking for guides for Travian Legends...

  • Hi everybody,i havent played travian in ages.Im trying it our right now at .com s5 but soon they will launch new server for my country. Im thinking to commit but i cant find any good guides on how to start right and what to do,maybe in step by step basics.

    Any help,advice or link would be greatly apriciated!

  • Simple sim start.

    1. Do tasks, mostly storage related, into res tasks. (gives space and all the res you need to build up fields to lvl 3)
    2. Sim fields: clays to 4, wood to 4, iron to 3, grain to 4 + 1x5 for the mill task.
    3. complete residence. (use your adventure units to raid oasis that people clear around you)
    4. make settlers. Use 1st settler to raid an oasis that you clean next you (buy cages, easy to remove animals with hero that you time before your adventure troops and the settler, you can probably raid a 50% oasis, and perhaps a 25% oasis. depends on travel-time and what has been cleaned around you.
    5. Settle.

    Raiders can settle faster, so pick a safe cropper to go for.

    *Extra: Possibly use hero to clean oasis around your cropper settlement and build cheap raiding units to boost up your cropper production. since after oasis are cleaned they don't spawn units for the first 3 days, so it helps you grow your cropper well.


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