Help on an Egyptian Villa

  • Hi, I am new as an Egyptian and want to make a decent Anvil.

    I have experience as Teuton but never as a guy creating Anvils, so help.

    Background: I have 6 villages with one being a 150% 15c. For the anvil, should I go for Ash Warden + Chariots or Khopesh Warrior + Chariots. I know Ash Warden are better defensively but Khopesh Warrior give me a decent attack plus a great def vs Infantry, so the Khopesh Warrior and Chariots give me a decent size attacking force plus backing me in def as well. I wouldn't think resource will be a problem.

    Stats of Ash Warden : 30 Attack, 55 Def against Inf and 40 against Cav

    Khopesh Warrior : 65 Attack, 50 against Inf and 20 Against Cav

    Charriots : 110 Attack, 120 Against Inf and 150 Against Cav.

  • I'm not a fan of going for a mix, Either you play offensive or defensive, I myself would go for Ash wardens with Anhur guard for defensive anvil.

    Slave militia is a fast to train but I would not go for it unless you need some troops really fast.

    Egyptians as whole is a defensive class, if you want an offensive class go for something else is my tips

  • If you are truly "100% defense" than the best choice is Ash Wardens + Anhur Guard (Resheph walk too slow, the Anhur actually show up at the battles).

    Some good reasons to choose Khopesh + Resheph for an anvil:

    1) You plan to do farming in between defense ops (ash wardens & anhur are not so good at farming).
    2) There are a significant number of enemies less than 10 tiles away, and suddenly discovering that you need to convert to Hammer in the future is likely.

    I cannot endorse Resheph Chariots for strictly anvil work. I would much (much) rather have one of my players training Anhur in MULTIPLE VILLAGES rather than training Chariots anywhere at all.

    Anhur: 1665 def/hour for 11341 resources/hour (and they run at speed 15 to service your defense calls)
    Resheph: 2219 def/hour for 14795 resource/hour (and they only walk at speed 10 on your defense calls, adding no value by failing to arrive on time very often)

    Consider the following:

    THREE stables training Resheph Chariots:

    Training cost: 44,385 per hour

    Defense produced: 6,657 per hour

    Velocity: 10 tiles per hour

    FOUR stables training Anhur Guard:

    Training cost: 45,364 per hour

    Defense produced: 6,660 per hour
    Velocity: 15 tiles per hour

    When you have an Egyptian 15c Capital with 75% bonus or better, achieving 4 operational anvil towns before mid-game is extremely reasonable. This is not far-fetched at all.


    Training cost: Advantage to RESHEPH CHARIOTS by about 2% (very small... not worth talking about)

    Defense produced: Advantage to ANHUR GUARD by 0.000xxxxx% (very, very small... not worth talking about)

    Velocity: Advantage to ANHUR GUARD by 50%. THIS IS HUGE and very, very much worth talking about!

    Conclusion: Resheph Chariots are for Hammers and for Farming Anvils (not for dedicated, traditional, 100% Defensive Anvils).

    I also do not accept the InfDef vs CavDef argument. Just look at TotalDef. More than 98% of defense calls "that matter" involve blocking a full scale hammer with a bunch of catapults and rams... and the enemy is sending a clearing army that is NOT a Ghost Hammer of 100% cavalry. Defensive "balance" during a defense call is almost meaningless unless the attacking hammer is greater than 80% cavalry. This only happens during Ghost Hammer attacks and the stupid Resheph Chariots walk too slow to block those, anyway. Why do any of your planning with "block a Ghost Hammer" as your primary design? That's just plain stupid.

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