new player need a guide for non gold

  • If you want to take my opinion the easiest tribe to play is Roman if you are a non gold user if you wish to play the game for the entire server. Growing without gold will become a pain if you play as teutons and gauls once you are past the initial few villages as you cannot queue upgrades without gold and this will really hurt you a lot in the long run. Yes you can earn gold with selling items but you better save them for important uses like NPC or resource bonus. Also let me know how much time you can dedicate to game and do you plan to play as offensive player or defensive player. Are you okay with being a mediocre or you plan to be a top rung player.

  • hi guys, i just started playing the game with a couple of friends and i'm kind of at a loss with what to choose (tribe + strategy ).

    does anyone have an uptodate guide (legion ) for viable and good strategies for non gold players ?

    Well, take a look at the upper videos.

    For myself i prefer Romans, because i'm used to play with. But Gauls seems pretty nice as well.

    00PTX-FL/OF/SCL/DD-HT/TOP:rom09:1PTX- S.H.O.T:rom09:/2PTX- BM:rom09:/3PTX- S.H.O.T:rom09:/4PTX- IND:gau09:/5PTX- S&R:rom09:/TsX- S&R:rom09:/2TsX- OE:rom09:/ 3TsX- Trinity:gau09:

    TX3- TOP:rom09:

    TS1 - BTT:gau09:

    TS20.Codex - Magic:egy09: