Nordics 6 - Round 2 - Victory speech

  • Parahimmat Travianin pelaajat,

    kaikki hyvä loppuu aikanaan, ja tämänkin aikakauden lopun aika on koittanut. Solomonille annettiin sormus, johon oli kaiverrettu viesti, joka voi poistaa kaiken ilon tai surun. Viestin voisi kääntää näin: "Tämäkin on ohimenevää." On sekä ilo että suru julistaa koko Travianille, että tämäkin on nyt mennyt ohitse! Toivottavasti olette nauttineet kuluneista kuukausista. Kiitokset teille, jotka pysyitte mukana loppuun saakka.

    Tulokset: Päivä oli jo kääntynyt iltaan, mutta silti työläiset kylässä Ilmaiset pois raatoivat läpi talvisen yön aina varuillaan lukemattomien armeijoiden varalta, jotka marssivat heitä kohti aikomuksenaan tuhota heidän työnsä tulokset. Työläiset olivat tietoisia siitä, että he kilpailivat aikaa vastaan ja heillä oli vastassaan suurin uhka, minkä heidän kansansa oli koskaan kohdannut. Heidän väsymättömät ponnistuksensa palkittiin 08:15, kun tuntematon työläinen asetti viimeisen kiven rakennelmaan, joka tultaisiin aina muistamaan mahtavimpana luomuksena kautta historian sitten nataarien kukistumisen.

    "Satanus" sekä hänen liittoumansa "SS" olivat ensimmäisiä, jotka onnistuivat saamaan Maailmanihmeen valmiiksi. He kuluttivat saavutukseensa miljoonia resursseja ja puolustivat luomustaan sadoin tuhansin sotilain. Sen vuoksi "Satanus" ansaitsee arvonimen "Aikakauden voittaja".

    "Satanus" hallitsi suurinta valtakuntaa. Hänen kanssaan tittelistä kamppailivat "The Dark Tower" ja "Drängen".
    "Satanus" surmasi eniten vihollisen sotilaita ja oli mahtavin ja pelätyin komentaja.
    "isnök" oli loistokkain puolustaja. Hän surmasi vihollisiaan kyliensä porteilla tahraten ympäröivät maat vihollistensa verellä.


    Travian tiimi

    For me this server was a first Nordic server I have played, and I must say it spiced up things nicely since I have been always used to play with Finnish players. I will try to keep my text short as possible. For the beginning I could say it was first time I was part of toxic free alliance (surprise). I hope players which played in SS during this server enjoyed it as much as. I must say I am very proud of SS members and because everyone kept working hard through the server it made our victory possible.


    At start of the round our leading system was a total mess, when I first joined to SS at day 50. Basically, we had nearly 20 people voting what direction we wanted SS to head and it didn’t workout since most of the people were way too passive for that kind of system and didn’t react to new ideas which lead to poor decision making overall.

    I made change to that very quickly and new “lineup” looked like following underneath this text. I was very happy to this one during the server since we didn’t have any kind of drama. I loved that we always had a good vibe in leaders chat, and it was easy to communicate between each other through the server. On the other hand, it was a shame that only handful of us took part of handling def calls, but even so we managed to handle them quite well.

    Janskuh (Kirottu)

    Milix (Suicide Squad)

    Milix mostly handled alliance bonus prioritization, which I didn’t have any kind of experience since I had 2-year break before this server. He also gave out good tips during server even though he passivated later on.

    Kuike (Satanus)

    When we formed new leader team Kuike took a good role to help out planning for artes and joined def team. Hard worker overall, even tho wasn’t so active as before when moved back to Portugal.

    Jeesusanneli (Satanus)

    Jeesusanneli was the one who created SS in the first place. He handled most of the recruiting. Later on he focused to handling general alliance stuff in SS. (Passivated later on a bit before construction plans)

    Tempest (Satanus)

    Tempest was later add-on to this lineup, when I noticed that he showed brilliant game intelligence. He was part of def team handling most of the def calls even alone when needed. When I stepped down from planning operation he kept them going.

    Preparing for artes

    I can’t say too much about time before artes since I joined D 50 to SS from BM?. Overall, most of the alliance’s players had good idea what to do even tho few of them needed some guidance. Most of all we gathered information about all of the players we had since there were plenty of new faces specially for us leaders. Thank god there is something called forms since it’s always good idea to gather up all kind of information from each of the accounts. From there its easier to guide them to right direction and which makes planning for the future much easier. We named quite early WW-builders and most of the WWC / WWR-account, which ended up being quite hard since most of the players didn’t have previous knowledge from building one. But hey anything is possible with good amount of guidance.

    One of the most important things was to build good atmosphere inside of the SS from the start. I think we managed to do that quite well, since I think we didn’t have any toxicity between the players.


    Artifact morning was mostly a shock since I was supposed to have at least two helping hands for coordinating it and I ended up handling it alone. It was good thing that we had good information packets given to each of the players so they could act up by correct way.

    At end of the day I could say artifact morning was a huge success in our part, since we ended up with most of the important ones.

    List of the artifacts:


    2x small boots (at the first we only had one, but Satanus stole another one from M.P.P.P)

    3x small hawk’s eyes

    3x small storage master plan

    4x small diets (Slur stole one from the null week later from the artes)

    3x small trainers


    1x big architect

    3x big boots

    2x big hawk’s eyes

    1x big diet

    2x big trainers

    1x account storage master plan


    Unique Architect

    Unique Diet

    Unique Fool

    Unique Boots

    Only annoying part was that we ended up missing unique scout to null only by 3 minutes.

    Trainer rotations were easy to form since we ended up having 3 of them. 2 only for ww hammers and 1 for use of 2 hammers and ops hammers. I must say we didn’t get out best use of them as null, but it is what it is.

    I was super happy that ended up having unique diet, since it helped out big time when it came to feeding our deffs. We ended up making only 4 diet villages in total with it, but do not forget holder’s capital and WW village itself. We didn’t end up making more of them since we had so many small diets which were placed to good positions.

    After artifacts we started to be more aggressive towards other alliances and we ended up targeting at first SF (Later on known as RAG). We started off strong and destroyed in total 9 capitals in short time for free and stole their big architect. After this their old leaders ended up quitting which was a shame from their part. During this time, they tried to make few solo operations towards us, but every single of time their attempts ended up getting walled. It was easy to figure out targets since we did catch them with scouts between fakes and real ones. They made multiple stupid mistakes when sending attacks for example changing hero items after sending fakes and heroes gaining exp…

    One from RAG ended up being giving away unique trainer literally for free, when Slur’s hammer ran in as first and only faced small amount off deffs… like who doesn’t defend it? We were just preparing to wall his hammer for nothing since he was on verge of quitting anyway.

    After RAG making a total change to their leadership we changed our target to null. They were having it way too easy and we should have been targeting them at first, but it was also important to make sure our off’s timings were on point and people attending wouldn’t make simple mistakes. Null ended up being totally different opponent when compared to RAG and they ended up catching good amount of our hammers in few operations we did at first. Even so we stole big diet from Mou Lester while walling few of our hammers. I can say we had lots of luck by our side since we did few stupid mistakes and they didn’t punish us from them at first.

    As I thought null was going to hit us back, but I could have never imagined how many hammers they ended up having. I thought at first they were focused to build multiple WW-hammers as we did, but oh boy was I wrong. Someone should have taken a picture from my face at the time when I was trying figure out what we would defend against them. It was priceless as I would say. For us It as one of the biggest turning points in our game strategy and someone could have said we made 180 degree turn from before.

    We ended up getting few good walls from that morning and notable ones were catching Triumvir Agrius and Overseer’s hammers when they were trying to conquer Slur’s off village which at the time were one of the biggest hammers in the server. Even tho they caused good amount of dmg, but with assistance of whole alliance we managed to repair most of the damage in one week. (capital’s crop fields)

    One thing I must say already at this point and its towards your leaders’ null. I did find it spineless that you couldn’t keep all diplomacy OPEN that everyone could see… shady deal with NoT and you thought no one would have find out about that?? Like man up for real…

    From our part only player that was not in SS was Kaapo, but that was personal choice.

    After this we started to focus more training deffs and changed multiple off accounts to play def from that point. Because of that we managed to start defending more capitals and null’s operation ended up doing less damage than they should have. I must say at this point we did find null’s plan to crop lock our boosters more funny than annoying. What is even the point to make huge operation where you end up walling your hammers to bigger capitals and only way you succeed is that you destroy 1-3 boosters from our smallest accounts in SS? You didn’t even chief them at first which would have caused more damage and I did find it funny that you didn’t end up stealing a SINGLE artifact from us even tho we had huge percentage of them during whole server. I think it was more of a relief for us that you guys found at it was viable option later on. (which ended up being way too late, since we had already strengthened amount of our defensive troops by that point.)

    I was genuinely surprised how many actually GOOD deff accounts we ended up having, it was all thanks to them we were able to catch multiple hammers from you. I loved it when people were activate when it came to answering def calls during evenings.

    Tempest can tell more about our later operations since he planned them after I stepped down and focused on handling def calls and alliance stuff.


    Holder: Satanus (Jeesusanneli, Kuike, Tempest, Petrn)

    WW sitter: Kirottu (Janskuh)

    Before artifacts even spawned we talked about our WW situation and how we would want to handle it. We pointed out that Satanus should be building WW since they are one of the leader accounts and there wasn’t other teuton players which had previous experience from building a wonder. Well I can say at this point neither did them, and mainly our only actually notable knowledge was from me and Milix. Their lack of knowledge with building WW didn’t matter at all since they truly listened our tips and guidance during whole building process.I said we focus on getting unique diet if possible and take WW early on (only if it’s possible). Everything went smoothly and we managed get UD in our hands. It was a huge relief for us since it played huge part when it came to feeding all the defs which were put to WW. We managed to conquer our WW d134.

    After building plans

    WW’s building plans were finally here, and we were well prepared. We were first ones in the server who get them in to our hands, but since we needed to switch a village where it would be held by Satanus we didn’t manage to build a first lvl. It was only a 3 hours headstart for RAG and it didn’t even matter that much since we dropped their wonder at lvl 50 and in the same time we swept all their deffs from there without taking huge amount of damage. In total we walled only 3 hammers (including Veijari’s wwr and bad guy’s small wwc) to RAG’s WW and managed to land good amount of damage to them. Main reason why we did this early on was because they didn’t take big architect to WW holder and they already had a disadvantage because builder’s tribe were Gaul. Stupid mistakes from their side again. (I hope someone adds some nice reports from our side later on)

    During all this time when we raised our WW null were constantly operating towards us as we did to them. From this point we started to catch more and more of their hammers every single operation and they kept going with those weird booster ops. Only notable damage was done when they chiefed few villages from Mentos and Kirottu which were used for def troops production. During that time Kirottu held 1# position in defs and Mentos 2#.

    Ops kept going from both sides (null were more active tho) and WW’s were getting more closer and closer lvl 100. I would say grand finale was when RAG walled ALL of their ops hammer’s to Balleriina’s WWR while null was landing their operation at same day. By that time null destroyed Suicide Squad’s WWC, but I don’t think it was a even achievement. If I am correct it was their 3rd ot 4th try and we ended up losing really small WWC. (Sorry Milix, but I guess you know that also)

    From my part I can say RAG did huge mistakes during that operation since there were people sending attack with hero’s boots activated and our scouts confirmed they were real ones also… people try to learn from your mistakes.

    Not a long time from that null pulled out their last choice and tried steal unique architect from us. To be honest we talked about it before and we saw mile away what was coming. To confirm our suspicion, we caught once again multiple hammers standing home before sending real ones. To make it even easier Sihteeri landed his attack over 2 HOURS BEFORE OTHERS. During their hit to UA village we had over 800k waiting for null’s hammers and 600k in other villages you guys attacked same time. From that point it was only 3 days before null was landing their first drop to our WW. I must say if they would have succeeded with their plan and managed to steal UA, that would have been game over for our side.

    Null’s first and only drop to our WW was a big victory to our side. If someone would have need to describe our WW’s journey to 100 with one word it would be “easy”. Not only we got unique diet, but also unique architect. We knew long before first drop from null that they wouldn’t get our mud wall down, since they started to train their WWR way too late. It only managed to drop our mud wall to lvl 16 followed by RAG’s WWR which dropped it from 16 to 15. Followed by that they dropped together our WW with their also small WWC’s from 96 to 74. In total hit us with 18 hammers within few minutes. During their drop we only had 3,8m deffs in WW and 1,2m def used in somewhere else.

    From this point I knew we are going to win this server, not only they used all of their ww-hammers, but we had guaranteed wall drop to them and server’s biggest WWC from rehtorinpoika. Rehtorinpoika’s WWR dropped null’s wonder from 98 to 67

    I must say that we failed big time, since we were also supposed to drop null’s WW when natars hit and try to lower their amount of deffs during hit time with ops. This was probably the biggest and only thing I regretted, and I hope in a future those will succeed as they should be.

    Last words

    People said we were some kind of SUPER alliance compared to others, but from my part I could say it was far from true. We also had our own problems when it came to people being inactive and our important plans which would have made our server much easier failed long time before getting them to use. In terms of knowledge we could have had advantage, but I think the gap between us, and others weren’t that big at all.

    To open up more from our fails which weren’t shown to other would be how many WW-hammers we planned to make.

    In total there should have been 11 of them. WWC from rehtorinpoika, bad guy, Käärijät, Horsepower, Suicide Squad and n1Xux. WWR from Zorby, Slur, Veijari, Satanus and Balleriina.

    I think it is not a secret I was really disappointed how we ended losing many of them due people deciding to quit, doing stupid stuff for example walling them or being inactive which ended up them being drop out from trainer rotation.

    However, we moved forward and managed to avoid bigger mistakes which would have ended up us losing this round. Probably for null and RAG id say focus more to planning out your end game if you truly want to take a part of it with all you got. There might have been multiple things we lacked, but in the end you guys ended up making more mistakes than we and that resolved the fate of the server.

    There might have been some things I forgot to say about, and I will add them later. I will also write a separate post from my account.


    To end of this, I will drop thanks for players who were part of SS. Sorry for all foreign people reading this since it will be mix of Finnish and English.

    Jeesusanneli (Satanus): Miestä ei ajoittain nähnyt eikä kuullut. Siitä huolimatta sitä näki toisen painavan hommia ”varjoista” ilman ottamatta sen suurempaa krediittiä tehdystä työstä. Kiitos tehdystä työstäsi SS:n eteen alkuserveristä itse perustajana.

    Tempest & Kuike (Satanus): Oikea sana sinua kuvaamaan teitä molempia olisi ”Jack Of All Trades”. Aika nopeasti näin sieltä löytyvän hyvää ymmärtämistä pelinsuhteen ja asettaessa vastuuta ei tarvinnut IKINÄ pettyä. Jaksoitte painella hyvällä pöhinällä läpi servun. (Vaikka Kuike olikin ajoittain passiivisempi viinanhuuruisen Portugalin komennuksen takia 😊) Pakituksia oli aina ilo hoitaa teidän kanssanne ja minusta tuntui monesti, että jokaisella pitäisi olla oma Tempest ja Kuike mukana liitossa ELI VOISIPA TEITÄ KOPIOIDA !!!Erityiskiitos vielä Tempestille opsuplännerin roolin ottamisesti, kun itselläni alkoi olemaan jo liian monta rautaa tulessa samaan aikaan. Luonnehtisinkin molempia korvaamattomiksi avaintekijöiksi liittouman onnistumisen kannalta.

    Petrn (Satanus): Itse Discord-kanavamme WW-builder, sinua en valitettavasti päässyt kunnolla tuntemaan. Kiitos kuitenkin työpanoksestasi WW:n vahtimisen suhteen.

    Milix (Suicide Squad): Siitä huolimatta, että olit ajoittain passiivisempi sinulta, sai aina hyviä rakentavia kommentteja liittoumanasioihin liittyen. Iso kiitos myös sinulle!

    Original BM? Jape (rehtorinpoika), Saleeh (bad guy), Kimmo (Horsepower): Kiitos ennenkaikkea, että houkuttelitte minut lähtemään servulle mukaan ja hyvistä whatsapp keskusteluista #häkkigate. Olihan meillä suuret suunnitelmat 3 WW-lanasta vai miten se nyt olikaan. Pienenä takapakkina voisin sanoa olleen Salen totaalisen passivoitumisen ennen kesäkuun alkua. Onnea vielä Japelle komiasta WW-lanasta 😊

    Jomppa, Jorna ja -GJ- (Balleriina): Kiitos teille rammerin tekemisestä, vaikka olittekin vähän vastahakoisia aluksi. Hyvinhän se meni vai mitä. Kiitos Jomppalle ja Jornalle hyvistä keskusteluista serverin mittaan.

    nipatsu (VEIJARI): Kiitos rammerin pykäämisestä. Komiasti sen avulla paineltiin RAG:in WW:stä muuri alas mikä edes auttoi sen pudottamista.

    Pakkipelaajat: Tiedätte tarkalleen keitä tarkoitan. Omalla toiminnalle ja aktiivisuudellanne mahdollistitte moneen otteeseen onnistuneet pakitukset. Kaikki jaksoivat painella serverin mittaan ukkoa ulos kasarmista kuin tallista hyvään tahtiin eikä pakituksia järkätessä ikinä tarvinnut pettyä niiden määrään. Oli aina ilo nähdä niin moni käskystä valmiina. Kiitos siitä!

    English version:

    Def players: You know exactly who I mean. By all of you good activity through server you made all successful def calls possible. Everyone kept pushing the troops out of the barracks and a stable at a good pace along the server, and when they were needed, I never needed to be disappointed with amount of them in use. It was always a pleasure to see so many of you always ready to rumble. Thanks for that!


    Xenator: Aina olisi antoisaa lukea yön pikkutunneilla sinun syvällisiä pohdintojasi elämästä ja sen saloista mitä postailit säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti meidän musiikkikanavallemme biisien yhteydessä! Good talk 😊

    In the end I would like to give a big thank you to everyone who played in the SS Alliance. It was a blast! Thanks for every single one once again who actively attended to def calls and operations planned by me & Tempest! I hope I get to play with most of you guys in a future!

  • First of all thanks to everyone who played! It was fun and actionpacked server

    Account stats

    ACCOUNT: Satanus (kuike, jeesusanneli, Tempest, petrn)

    TRIBE: Teutons

    SIMS: #1 (pop 28322/35 villages)

    OFF: #1 (950000 points)

    DEFF: #62 (130135 points)

    HERO: #5 (939750 points)

    I'll write first about our account and then moving to allystuff

    Cant remember everything, so here is all the thing I remeber :D


    End of january 2020 kuike and me met at parties and he asked me to come and play with them, raiding and that kinda stuff. I think it was like 2-3week before artes spawn. We managed to get UD and then we had this idea to make 2-3 hammers for raiding and ops, because feeding them wouldn't be a problem. After artes we also started to building our WWR. We were running 3 opshammers and one paladinhammer to split waves and raid rs for WWR. Becaus teutontroops are slow, I wanted to have smallboots in one of our hammervillages. Also we made 5( 4 normal + cap) cropvillage so deffplayers can feed their troops with 1/2 consume. I think at best we had like 600k troops to eating in cropvillages :DD It was 5 days after artes we manage to steal smallboots from jevva5 after 36h of faking that village every 2h. There was no deff at all. . After that we kept clearing out our area and taking part of ops. I think it was first ops to null when we send our hammer 31sec late and because of that 3 of our ally hammers got walled and we didn't manage to steal bigboots from HarmaaParta. We went trought and destroyed all cropfields. We also tried to steal smalltraineer from caligula but he ended up walling our hammer. . But I think the best wall on this server was when caligula chiefed village from Heroxen and we saw that he keeps senators in same wave as sweep. So I said to heroxen to call me asap when caligula is coming to chief that village. Timed hammer 1sec after chiefing and heroxen timed his hammer 1sec after ours and well.. He lost his 27k+20k hammer

    Around day 150-170 we were selected as target to null's boosterops. in total over 300 attacks incoming to our account.. null's player VSK(null) fucked up his sends and tried 3 times before he got his waves 4+4, so we knew where the (one of the many) real ones where hitting. If I remeber correctly 8 booster took damage and VSK were hammer catched, but under 48h and everything were fixed :) no dmg done.

    Somewhere around BP's we decided to wall our opshammers and focus on WWR, because that meant fewer target to deff. It was good thing because null and NoT tried to zero our WWR while faking other offvillages. Taxusdk (NoT) hammer went trought and two other we walled. lost big silos, so had to build small one instead.

    On day 222(?) we send our WWR to null's WW and dropped wall from lvl20 to lvl13.

    In middlegame we had some fun at night with VEIJARI (Nipatsu) and heroxen, chiefing and cataing some enemies villages near origo :D it was fun time.

    Then allystuff

    At start, I wasn't part of the leaders and just did my stuff raiding and taking part to ops. Nothig special. But at some point Kirottu (Janskuh) took me in to manage deffs. I had never In my short travian career manage deffcalls or any leaders stuff at all, so I was kinda nervous. But thing went quite well imo. We (me, janskuh and kuike) had busy nights at voice deciding which target to deff. After couple of null's ops, we were starting to see pattern how they do their ops. Thwy were almost (like 75% of the time) hitting small deffplayers boosters or capitals. Because they send attacks like 6-7 different villages of the same player, it was hard to decide which village to deff. Luckily null made some major mistake like keeping hammers home and changing heros gears between attack. Ofc there were some player who didnt make any mistakes for example HarmaaParta, DCLXVI, overseer and Triumvir (also DCL,Over and trium had hawks eyes protecting them). We manage to catch 1-3 hammers from null everytime they did ops to us. I thinks there was 1 ops where we didnt catch any hammers, but in that ops all they did was hit boosters. In fact, DCLXVI was only hammer we didnt manage to catch until end where he hit UA. Also, nulls timing where so bad, that It made deffing target easier. There were like 2-3h caps between hits, so moving deff to another target was easy. Mostly Isnök paladins and spears (he had UB) and Demonrabbit druids. So deffing eneimies ops was should I say challenging, but not impossible. (like 66% of the time they were easy)

    Then into to the ops-side of ally. After Janskuh was edge of burnout, I decide to start making ops. There was msg in discord now and then "when is the next ops?" "we need to start hitting back" so it was time to start making ops again!

    First we started hitting RAG again. And it was fun to plan ops, we got this one megasize hammer (130k+25k clubs+TK's) from Drängen and other not as big but huge also (35+22 imp+EC) from The Dark Tower. We hit manage to hit RAG hard and zeroed couple of their caps and offvillages without huge losses. Then we moved our target to null and manage to zero HarmaaParta offvillage and Antaja cap-offvillage. Then we tried to steal null's only big arch, but they moved it, but damage Matson69 cap-off, so his WWK building would stop for awhile. After this we took little timeout for ops to rebuild. After BP's had spawn, we stated to save our hammers for RAG's WW. After RAG's WW had been taking care of, we tried to zero NallePuh WWR, which btw was null's only WWR. In our part, player Horsepower (kimmo) fucked up badly and send all troops in his attacks.. null scouted it and calculated where the real ones would hit. In total 5 hammer walled :D

    And in the end we just timed our WW-attacks to land at 20:00 on servertime and manage to drop null's ww :)

    Ps. Also that time when we zeroed HarmaaParta off, he sended catas to horsepower village and manage to destroy silos and cropfields. it was like 1:30 at night and almost everyone were sleeping (n00bs :DD ). I was trying to get contact to Horsepower players but didnt manage to do it. Then I remebered that reinforcements starve first if there is no crop in silo. So I send msg to everyone who were online to send troops to Horsepower village to starve so we could save his hammer. We send EC, EI, roman scouts, gallic scouts, paladins, headeans, TK's there to starve. it was expencive night, but payoff at end when we zeroed that offvillage.

    And before null+NoT+RAG attacks to ww landed, we change UD to UA to minimize damage.

    Special thanks:

    (These will be mainly in finnish)

    Kuike(satanus): Kiitos et otit mukaan pelaan :D oli aika huurteinen yö ja aamul en ees muistanut et olin luvannut tulla pelaan XD

    Janskuh(kirottu): Kiitos servusta, yöllisistä pakkijutteluista ja muutenkin mastermindina toimimisesta :D olipahan servu! Ei muutakun sento ja lebo!

    petrn( satanus): tulit loppuvaihees raksaan ww:tä! Kiitos avustasi :)

    jeesusanneli(satanus) : kiitos servusta ja hyvän tilin alkuun rakentamisesta, oli helppo jatkaa pelaamista kun sulla lopsahti motivaatio :)

    pupu ja aatu(Demonrabbit) ja Maxpentium(Maxpentium): kiitos pakeista ja nopeeasta siirtelystä, mahtavaa toimitaa!

    nipatsu (Veijari) & handyman (heroxen): kiitos yöllisistä offien juoksuttamisista ympäri karttaa :D oli hauskaa! ja heroxenille kiitos caligulan ajamisesta #ValtausPro

    karo (karolin): mahtavaa tekemistä ja opettelua tän pelin kanssa! Huikea määrä pakkeja 4446 capilla! Toivottavasti törmäillään uusiksi näil servuilla!

    "origon"pakkipelaajat eli Nero(nero), flowi(4pekee), Jasus(isnök): Kiitos suurista pakkimääristä mitkä saatiin aina nopeestii liikkeelle :)

    Kimmo (horsepower): hauskoja juttutuokioita discordissa ja kivaa flamee publal! pelataan toistekkin :D

    JapeX (rehtorinpoika): Huikee WW-lappu, voiton takaaja! Pelataan toistekkin!

    Jomppa, Jorna, GJ (balleriina): hyvän kokonen WWR :D hyvä et päätettiin ajaa se meidän kaa samaan aikaa eikä erikseen

    Drängen: That opshammer was HUGE! it was easy to plan ops knowing we had that monster in our side :)!

    Zalar: our own simsmaster, not giving up after RAG and NoT zeroed almost all your village! huge respect!

    To our enemies:

    harmaaParta: Mahtavaa offitoimintaa :D ainakin se horsepowerille ajo yllätti täysin. Propsit sinne

    Overseer: hyvät juttelut discordis, hieman petyin unehaukan käyttöön, mutta minkäs teet!

    Triumvir agrius: hyvä porukka kasassa sulla, opsujen kohteet tais koitua teidän ongelmaksi ja loppupelin suunnittelu myös hieman vajavainen.

    Alfadir: Dude, dont be mad at me anyomer :D It finally over and no need to trashtalk anymore

    siri86: Good leadership, working with what you got! XDDDDD legend



    Kiitos myös kaikille muille joita en tässä erikseen mainiste ! Oli ilo ja kunnia pelata teidän kanssa !


    Here is some repots:

    WW hit:…288672f56fbcbb0e076c20490

    Kuike sending 3,8k insted of 38k:…d802f07347e75fd85dcbdd2df

    Hitting matso69:…fc13c3bddbcc0d1a2181aece9 (there were 16k phalanx)

    Hitting RAG's WW:…be61e3fd89b40a2f66ad907fd

    Hitting chidini:…8600c8453cb29a655e046a067

    First hit to null & failed arte steal:…d52539bf18ece4fb207f8bce5

    Walling to Mou Lester:…4f30d6228259fc4a762aef161

    Zeroing Why's offvillage:…1979a9415daa5366b9b538565

    Clearing deff from Skarpheden:…c6f017a05c1ac936bedd405f0

    Stealing smallboots from Jevva 5:…90ed1170849e105c2585012c8

    Failed attempt to steal small traineer:

    Killing Caligulas hammer after he chiefed village from heroxen:…7954496c5e6b59becc4cbbac6

    Ours WWR hit:…82f6dd56497e44dde36867eed

    WW deff at end:…3ce28237b1e2c6497adee7837

    UA perma:…3334868052cae98b652fc9ffb

    BP perma:…3c3441a2358332da0323ff741


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  • Server officially ended today when SS got their WW to lvl 100. Good job and well played! Im gonna start by saying a few words about Null and about our journey on this server.

    Early game

    Pretty much all of our players located in southwest area of map. I think only Antaja spawned to northeast. Our goal was to settle our second villages fast in our compas point. We managed to get mostly the croppers we wanted and i think only 1 or 2 locations got stolen before our settlers. At this point ally was mostly operated only by Lagri on account Triumvir Agrius.

    Beginning was mainly focusing of sims. Few of our accounts were clearing/making farms in our area. Lagri checked most of the accounts few times to make sure croppers were getting built the right way. Few of our accounts did have issues of understanding how to play this game during early game. Idea was mostly just to have fun so that much was not required from accounts.

    Around D50-D70 accounts started queing for arties. There was not that much planing beforehand and ppl mostly did how they wanted. We organized only 2 catavillages just for arties but we did have quite ok situation in our area so we were able to control atleast all spawns in southwest.

    I think we did 0 opses before arties so some players were a bit frustrated with the situation so there was some solo wallings and stuff but nothing major. Def side was mainly just walling delete attacks and random accounts.


    I think we set up Gettertool 1-2 weeks before artefacts. Lagri asked me to set it up and that is how i became part of Null leadership. Seeing our def numbers then was quite a shock. Pretty much all of our accounts had some kind of smaller hammer for arties but only few accounts focusing only for def.

    Few hours before artefacts one of the best RAG accounts ”En Fed Ko” that had been idle for few weeks launched set of attacks towards few of our accounts. Was quite easy to know that he was going for account ”Grumpy Old Men” after Grumpy Old Men leaving RAG left few RAG members quite mad about it. We ended up walling that attack and i think it was the top-1 hammer on the server at that point. Shame it was a cap hammer 😊 Links below. Wave 5 with 10k clubbies and other waves 6x320 cata.

    Other than that we got decent artefacts. Few smaller fuck up’s but they didnt cost us anything. Was less than 15min away from Unique fool and really close to other pair of small boots. Should have gotten 1 or 2 diets more though. At this point SS was clear leader. We knew pretty much d30 that this server will be mostly 1v1.

    After artefacts we started our first set of op’s. Destroyed/conquered M.P.P.P villages close to us. They retaliated solo only and looked like there was no coordination in deffing either.

    Slur got our village diet from K0mpa like 1 week after artefacts. That was a huge fuck up from us and tbh we should have defended it better and not leave it on not that avtive account in the first place. It was really annoying and did hurt our morale.

    Mid game

    We continued our op’s against M.P.P.P to gain some room for us. RAG made 1 op’s against us ending up walling 3 smaller hammers. This was last proper op’s from RAG towards us.

    On 20.4 SS launched their first op’s against us. From there on we had op’s back and forth. We hit more targets on larger scale also focusing a lot on boosters. In hindsight it would have been better to focus more on stealing artefacts and destroying more capitals or off villages. But we made our mistakes wich further made our position worse. One crucial mistake was loosing probably our biggest hammer at that time when Grumpy Old Men solo walled their hammer. It caused us to step down a bit since the possibilities that hammer presented us with boots were now gone. Grumpy Old Men account passivated quite a bit after that and starte queing wwc.

    We took our WW relatively late but we had build order ready so we knew it didnt really matter. We also put our bet in the fact that SS wont be able to target our wares.

    BP’s and after

    We took 3 bp’s like we wanted so it went as planned. After bp’s we kept doing op’s since it looked like we were still needed to gain edge somehow. Our op’s failed mostly on some individual fuck up’s.

    We decided to attack SS WW before they hit our’s so we ended up sending waves when SS ww was lvl 96. Managed to take it down to lvl 74. 1 more 25k rammer and we probably would have won.


    So we lost but not with big margin. SS was ahead the whole server and we never managed to get upper hand. We had few ok momentums but we failed to use it to our advantage. Lost to better one and thats it.

    We didnt proper end game that much tbh. By the time artefact arrived we only had one account making WWC. That wwc ended up being smaller than rest of the wwc:s we started queing D130-D160.

    Our main goal was not to restrict accounts that much and have fun. We started taking this server more seriously too late. We will take this server as a learning experience and we will win next round that we are going to be playing.

    Few words about my account (Overseer)

    I started this server 1 day late and i had no idea what to expect or any plan whatsoever. Was choosing alliance between SS, Null and BM and ended up sending aplication to Null since i was closest to their accounts. I told Lagri (Triumvir Agrius, leader of Null) that i would be playing chill defensive account.

    I started raiding just for fun like D15 and enjoyed that and making my RAG neighbours farms too much. Then i decided to focus on off. Plan was just to have fun and roll over accounts close to me. I ended up taking out quite a few teuton farmers around me. Too bad i dont have the reports saved. Anyways i was leading off stats all the way untill D100. I think i had 70-80k offpoints by the time artefacts arrived.

    I got Unique hawk as i wanted but didnt really bother using it that much. But we still got value out of it. Walled all off D140 and i think i had 400 catas when i decided to start queing wwc wich ended up being ok considering the date that i started.

    End stats;

    Hit to SS WW;

    Hit to Heroxen;

    Conquering village from Kirottu;

  • Thanks for everyone for server. It ended up to better server thank I expect.Thanks to Janskuh for really good speech and Tempest already told most of the stuff about our account, but I can share my story too.

    ACCOUNT: Satanus (kuike, jeesusanneli, Tempest, petrn)

    TRIBE: Teutons

    SIMS: #1 (pop 28322/35 villages)

    OFF: #1 (950000 points)

    DEFF: #62 (130135 points)

    HERO: #5 (939750 points)


    d0-80 Sims and early raiding

    Jeesusanneli recuited me after really boring server to account. Idea was create 3 accounts Satanus, (Teuton off), Demonrabbit (Gauls def) and Julius Jupiter (Scout/Def). I never played with jeesus before so it was kind new experience for me. We had good start and we were able to send our settler's first but we also had to find crop where we were able to have Demonrabbit and Julius Jupiter close so we didn't took closest crop. I wanted to focus bit more safe and sims start than jeesus wanted, but after all everything went great with jeesus. I knew i was going to Portugal to do my Erasmus so one party before going to Portugal i was able to took advance of Tempest really drunk and friendly behavior in bar and recruited him to come just farm to our account.

    d80-199 Crazy raiding and nonstop ops.

    Artes we coming up and we had one of the biggest hammers in server and also small second hammer that ended up being WWR. We ended up getting UD and clearing 2 other artefacts. At first we were not sure what to with UD, but then we decided to keep it. After artes we start building 4 hammers same time (3 ops, 1 wwr). Tempest really wanted to get boots so we can start raiding like maniacs, and got it free from jevva5. We also ended up making building ww, because we had perfect location for that. I think it was around d150 when we started to see jeesus less and less everyday, so it was mainly tempest playing daily and I played nights because of time difference. It was really stressful we had 4 hammers to feed and in total we had 6 feeding villages. I remember shouting many times before going to bed to people to send crop to our villages because peoples routes were horrible.


    At this time Tempest recruited petrn to mainly building WW. We had walled our hammers 1 after one, because I think null we're mainly targeting our targets. We started to focus only building WWR and stopped building other hammers. I don't remember when but i think it was around this time our WWR-village was almost fully destroyed, but someone failing to send attack to correct time it barely survived. Because of lack motivation and irl stuff our wwr stopped at least for 20 days. On day 222(?) we send our WWR to null's WW and dropped wall from lvl20 to lvl13 (copy from Tempe).


    d0-50 Creation of SS

    Jeesusanneli created SS and ended up being the leader, but jeesus wasn't that active what leader needs to be. Early i tried to stay away from leading part, but really early I realized if nobody is not gonna take lead we are gonna lose this. So I started to be more and more in lead. We had way many people just idling and not really doing nothing leading.

    d50-99 Arrival of our Saver

    d50 BM joined SS and there we got many really important accounts for us. Janskuh started to put things like they should have been since start. From 10 players, we ended with Jeesus, Janskuh, Milix and me taking a lead. At this point, our roles was not entirely clear to each others.

    d100 Artes

    On arteday I was hiking all day in Portugal's burning heat and only joined to voice after 90% of attacks we sent. I can't say I have never seen this successful arteday so big honor in Janskuh direction from leading arteday. We got way more artes, than expect. At this point we started to think how the fu.. we are gonna keep all of these artes to us.


    So we had already more artes than we needed. At this point we started to see that milix was mainly passive in leading side and jeesus was mainly playing nights, so most of the leadings and calls were made by me and Janskuh. I remember one day hearing from Janskuh that "SLUR IS GOING TO ATTACK SOLO WITHOUT TELLING US", but after all he got small diet from null and null didn't have small diets anymore. Few days later armageddon(?) joined null and took small diet to null. After that move decided to take couple players more to SS that ended up being good call.


    Tempest moving to leader group... to be continued...


    to be continued...

    SS family:

    Tempest(Satanus): Tilil pelastus ja työmyyrä. Ei oltais ikinä saatanu mitään tällästä tiliä aikaan ilman sua. Baarissa tuli travi puheeks ja siinä samalla sain sitten sut rekryttyä "ei tarvii ku farmaa ja idlaa" eli farmauksen lisäks jouduit tekee kaikkee muuta. Huipputyyppi niin travissa kuin irlissä, ei mitään huonoa sanottavaa.

    Janskuh(kirottu): Liiton pelastus ja aivot. Sulla oli se kokemus mitä monella muulla ei välttämättä löytynyt. Sun kanssa niin paljon juteltiin ja suunniteltiin yhdessä. Monet valvotut yöt yhdessä voicessa, suunnitessa pakituksia, niiden ohessa paljon paskanjauhtaa aiheesta kun aiheesta. Ei voi sanoa myöskään mitään huonoa.

    jeesusanneli(satanus): Kiitos servusta ja kaikista kullista mitä tileille ostit, siinä olit ihan omaa luokkaa. Hoidit myös niin paljon kaikkea muuta siinä sivussa, mistä monella muulla ei ole varamasti tietoa. Hoidit myös erittäin paljon opsuja öisin ja valvoit lukemattomia yötä, kiitos siitä. Lopussa teit kyllä kunnon katoamis tempun, mutta silti pärjättiin.

    pupu(Demonrabbit): Hyvää työtä, luottopakki aina saatiin pakkeja kun oli sille tarve. Lopussa motivaatio loppui, mutta onneksi saatiin uusi peluri tilalle.

    Aatu(Demonrabbit/Aatu): Ensin aatu tilillä, unenarrin haku ja sen luovutus liitolle, sen jälkeen sun pakitus oli lähes mahdotonta. Loppuservusta otit yksin demonin haltuun. Uskomaton joukkuepeluri.

    Kimmo(horsepower), JapeX(rehtorinpoika), Saleeh(bad guy) Äijät ties mitä tehdä, ei tarvinnut siihen puuttua mitenkään ja hommat hoitui just nii ku sovittu.

    Jomppa(Balleriinat): Toista servua mukana samassa liitossa, ei pahaa sanottavaa. Hoidat hommat niinku pitää ja hyviä privakeskusteluja.

    Jasus(Isnök): Onneks rekryytiin sut. Eka jeesus koitti pulttia sua yöllä, mutta heti splittasit pultit. Lopussa törkee määrä pakkia ja hauskoja ajoi.

    woozie: This guy is real team player. Cleared unique, ww-village, ww-plan(?). Everything this guy did is was only best for alliance.

    nipatsu(VEIJARI), heroxen, EvilWalrus(Puuseksuaali): Hommat hoitu niinku oli suunniteltu.

    Drängen, The Dark Tower, Fantomen, Pigan: U kinda created your own alliance and SS best possible way u were able to thanks for that.

    Mentos, Steven S, JeyJey: Äijät pelasi keskenään ja muodosti yksinään ihan järkyttävän kasan pakkia, johonkin ku teistä otti yhteyttä niin kaikkien pakit liikkui just niinku piti.

    petrn(Satanus): Kiitos kun tulit tilille kun muilla alkoi motivaatio loppumaan.

    Zalar: Ouh man u nice sims <3

    Suuri kiitos myös muille kaikille pakkipelaajille. Oli ilo liikutella pakkeja kun niitä todella runsaasti !


    Clad we had 3 way server and not just null+SS. You made lot of stupid mistakes and in your ops. We were able to mark out 75% of fakes everytime because boots, exp or just hero gear. I really hope u learn from your mistakes.

    Caligula: 2 conquered boosters cost you 2 big hammers just because u didn't know how to conquer and didn't learn after first one?

    Trouble is: Had unique trainer most of the time but didn't really use it anything?

    Mr.No.body: I don't even know what to say about u. I guess name says it all. I really had fun when we conquered your villages and u went kinda crazy after it.

    siri86: Thanks for leading that's why we had way more interested server.

    Alfadir: You really couldn't handle the trashtalk...

    Sid Meier: More impressive hammers than i expected

    Johtajar: Nice boots cost all your alliance hammers.


    I don't really know that was your idea for server. You looked really strong on paper you had lot of big accounts and really impressive hammers, but not really plan or that how it looked to us. Merging with NoT was kinda lame move. NoT also ruined ops to unique artefact grinderen had 25% boots and wave was 55min before other attacks so it was easy to calc that he had hero with him. At the end I didn't like when u didn't admit that u created ops together with RAG. A

    Triumvir Agrius: En oikeen ikinä tajunnut mikä äijän opsujen ideana oli. 95% ei ollut puolustamisen arvoisia, ja kaava pysyi hyvin pitkään samana.

    Overseer: Pitää kyllä kyseenalaistaa kuinka huonosti ja vähän käytit haukkaasi. Hyviä lappuja olit kyllä raksannut. Kiitos roskan keskusteluista.

    Sihteeri, Munkki: Äijät oli joka opsussa joko tunnin myöhässä tai ajoissa? Olis varmaa kannattanut kattoa ne aikavyöhykkeet kuntoon.

    Thank you


    (hope that i didn't forgot anyone important and didn't talk too much bullshit because of bad memory)

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