Looking for a dual into top50 account at ts2.anglosphere, details below

  • Looking for a dual who would equally care for the accout the way I do as well, because it has really been like a full time job by now, and by splitting the "work", I feel like I'd be able to share the fun of the gameplay and also bring the account to the next level. <3

    Server: ts2.anglosphere

    Username NyPeti

    Account Tribe roman


    Quadrant location SW

    Population / Number of Villages 12k pop, 16 villages, top50 account

    Achievements: top10 raider every week recently

    Gold user account

    I'd consider myself pretty much experienced now.

    My online Times in server time: 00:00 - 16:00

    Contact me: skype: nypetike, discord: NyPeti#0001

    i'm sorry if this is not the right topic to post my advertisement, but couldnt find any better place in the depths of this form