Game Update: Release 797.1 Polarbear

  • Release 797.1 Polarbear


    TL-8458 – Updated the information to better explain the rivals' confusion artifacts.

    TL-362 - We changed one of the zoom levels on the map from 8% to 10%.

    TL-810 – Added more areas where players can click text to check a corresponding checkbox/radio button. For example, when sending scouts clicking on “scout defences and troops” text will select that option in the same way as clicking on the radio button itself.


    TL-7904 - Task reward that can only be received in a specific village will no longer be shown as available for collection when another village is active.

    TL-8532 - Fixed construction time not updating after instant completion for residence, palace and command center

    TL-8528 - Fixed troop movement box being cut-off in languages written from right to left.

    TL-8495 - Farm lists now correctly update the distance when moving entries between villages

    TL-8509 - Fixed an empty error being triggered after deleting farm list entry from target's position details page

    TL-8393 - Fixed broken embassy link in alliance invitation IGM

    TL-8169 - Training troop numbers in the village statistics page (dorf3) now update correctly for all villages on refreshing the page

    Codex Victoria features:


    Codex Victoria bugfixes:

    TL-8335 - Wounded troops will no longer be calculated towards the total military strength in statistics