Hero Equipment for Roman

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  • Hello, I'm playing Roman and my playstyle is simming. Now I'm having prob of adventure due to low hp. I have a lot of silver and i don't know which equip should i get through auction.. from head to toe.. any suggestions?

  • what you want, is pretty much to sustain your health.

    Light scale armour is pretty much the best for sustained adventurering. less damage taken, and sustained regeneration of health.
    Some nice spores, just for traveling faster around.
    and if you don't need to use a standard to reach battles, just have a shield on.
    Any weapon is usable, since all that matters is the overall hero str.

    best is, if low gold, to keep some points on str. on the hero. and then as many points on ressources that you feel comfortable with.
    A nice xp helmet is good to lvl the hero faster.
    But just try and control the hero health. Regain health when you are about to lvl him up. so don't lvl him up at 90% health just after using your ointments. Try to time it for when he becomes low at health after a few adventures.

  • Hero needs at least 100 Fighting Strength per hero level. Most players recommend at least 15 per level.

    Close to death? Well.. let it die and then heal the hero.

    That's what they're supposed to do... die and come back.

  • Weapons:

    -If you are playing Off Roman, go with Imp sword. The Cav swords give bigger attack bonus per troop but you will have many fewer cav units than you will imps so the greatest attack power for your hammer will com from the imp weapons.

    -If you are using a ghost hammer then go for the cav sword (or simply own both the cav sword of choice and the imp sword when able)

    -If playing defensive Roman go with Praet sword


    Matte of personal preference but here are pros and cons:

    -Regen armor: means you need less points in FS as your hero will heal faster at total of 30% per day when wearing this armor

    -Light Segmented: take 3 hp less damage and get +125 FS helps with adventures and attacking early on wit hthe health protection and attack boost

    -Light Scale: take 4 hp less damage and +10% heal for total of 20% healed per day. helps with survive-ability

    -Light breastplate: +250 FS more FS helps take less damage on adventures

    Helmets & boots:

    -whatever you can get t start with. they are all useful

    as stated above, don't wait 3 days for hero to heal up. kill him and revive (will need a place with hero mansion I believe?). heros is fairly cheap and quick to revive at the lower levels(below lv 20, after that it take around 24hrs to revive I believe).

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