Early Game Modification: Fixing Settler Bounce

  • Idea:

    1) All villages can start training Settlers at Residence level 1.

    2) All villages are permitted to train a maximum of 9 settlers simultaneously.

    3) Settlers can be launched at any time.

    4) At landing time, the game looks for an open expansion slot in the home village (Residence 10, etc. must exist at landing time) plus adequate Culture Points on the account. If either test fails, the settlers do not create a new village, they turn around and walk home.


    A) Early game players will be able to send settlers on the walk to their destination before achieving the Culture Point threshold... provided they are planning far enough ahead to have the required Culture accumulated at landing time (rather than launch time). This is consistent with the way Administrators treat Culture Points when conquering villages, you do NOT have to have enough CP at Chief launch time you just need to have enough CP at chief landing time.

    B) All players looking to expand will be able to send 2 or even 3 sets of settlers out walking (launched at different times). This will be especially helpful in the early game during cases of Settler Bounce. An early game player can deploy a 2nd set of settlers at a back-up location and if the first set bounces, the back-up settlers might still hatch a village. If the first settlers succeed, there will likely be insufficient Culture Points when the 2nd set resolves its landing, so the 2nd launch will fail to create a new village (settlers walk home).

    C) Every village can have a small supply of very expensive super-anvil settlers to send to defense calls around the map (max 9 settlers per village).

    What hazards exist in this idea? I don't see any problems.

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  • Residence becomes useless

    People in early game strugle to make 3 colones, i can't even think about 9

    You missed the part where I said a slot needs to exist at landing time. I have added an extra sentence to clarify. Residence is still required... but it can be constructed after the settlers, instead of requiring Residence 10 first.

    The more likely case is that players will train the 2nd set of 3 settlers after the first 3 are on the road, walking. This allows easier recovery if the first settlers bounce (the 2nd set can start walking without waiting the 40 hours for the 1st set of settlers gets back).

    I agree that no one would make 9 in the early game, but 6 is 100% feasible (second set trained after first set launched).

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