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  • Bat Man  

    do you need a hug ?
    I think all of forum by now know, that you are massive underdogs, and you are winning, or was it whining ?? can't remember, but pls stop your crying... it sad to see how much you cry.. I thought you guys was the best, better then all other, but now your best at crying..

  • so first OP on gunners Ten lost some big hammers , 2nd OP Gow lost some big ones ...

    Are goats going for risky targets on 3rd OP :popcorn: or will they keep hitting feeders not to mention they have more trainers to recover hammer then Ten/Gow ::|

    there is no 3rd OP.... we're out of hammers

    COM4 - Venom [GD]

    RO5 - robert_filip [ROCK]

  • The wind is blowing cold, white smoke comes out of the nostrils on my TKS as they explode along with the map with their full saddlebags slamming on their backs. With a wide stand that only these strong grey ponies can do, they enter my courtyard with the news. The farms in the northeast are full our enemies look like they are gathering their troops. Another battle in this war is near. I caress my eager grey pony over the nose and give him an apple and whisper with a smile in his ear fetch more treats for me, my friend. He throws himself out and on the road and takes with him several of his friends northeast will now be looted so we can prepare for what is to come to a feast on our enemies' slain bodies at our walls.

    I go in slowly again to prepare for the weekend's big give away of diapers, pacifiers and handkerchiefs. It's Christmas soon and as gunners have cried on the forum, the necessities are probably out in the north nowadays.

    (the post is dictated by Maria for Freddy)

    During my armor I wear a corset.

    Has completed 67 slow servers. Currently playing server 68 and 69. Proof? Here Is it a world record?

    All spelling errors are due to dyslexia and a brain injury. Learn to live with it because I will not change it.

  • I mean we have cleared out our area, got the uniques (granted we let you clear one of them for us), reality checked your leaders, made them get 99% splat rate and flee to the woods. That's all the fighting we need to wake up with a warm fuzzy feeling in the mornings for the next 3 years. Oh and also apparently helped motivate them to buy res and get banned for it, which was very funny.

    Hey we didn't lie. You think IKEA and Duat have some loving relationship? We absolutely hate each other. Purely a tough love kind of relationship. Just IGM our acc and we will set up Goats+Duat ops against them

    Do you like to wake up with warm Fuzzy feelings? :*

  • bcause of a bat the corona started, bcause of a bat the war against GUNNERS started :)

    for one thing they found vaccine, for the other......

    Lol 1qaz, your posts are becoming on par with Maria's of late, even her posts are more well thought out then yours. I'd be happy to add this to the zerg's wall of excuses, if it wasn't for the fact that the zerg approached us to do joint ops against the nordics, which would have been over 1000 players against them and close to 150 hammers marching <X

    I'm enjoying this round a lot and I will take great pleasure in seeing the mega meta zerg defeated, Gunners may not win but we are strong enough to ensure neither does the mega meta zerg. Regardless of what happens with ww's now, I'm satisfied with the coming outcome,

    Ironically zerg talk about superior diplomacy but all that is going to mean diddly squat when the mega meta zerg lose the server.

    imagine having near 1000 players and still not being able to win lmfao :D

  • Gunners won’t be a factor in 30 days :)

  • out of all people i think you are the last to talk about forum posts :D

    COM4 - Venom [GD]

    RO5 - robert_filip [ROCK]

  • imagine being the biggest meta and still not being able to win Imfao :D

    Agreed your a joke meta 800+ 4 quad mega meta Ten/Gow/Goats/Dnd/2.01 and still not enough lol, you probably won’t even take any plans either 8o

  • Agreed your a joke meta 800+ 4 quad mega meta Ten/Gow/Goats/Dnd/2.01 and still not enough lol, you probably won’t even take any plans either 8o

    Flufie says a Bat Man analysis would be cool. But also has concerns he might not be well placed to unpick such a complex character..

  • I cannot believe you went to the 19th page to find a comment to reply on.. such patience

    CWL/GOAT blood :evil: Back after a long time. Getting back in the groove of game :saint:

    Account I used to played on: SmirkingJay, Proteus and anywhere brezz or qb wanted me to play lol

    comx3, com1: Smack

  • Agreed your a joke meta 800+ 4 quad mega meta Ten/Gow/Goats/Dnd/2.01 and still not enough lol, you probably won’t even take any plans either 8o

    Probably ... but you won't take for sure

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

  • Ladies and Gents what a day!

    The zergers did another op on the Ultimate Warriors who are fighting very bravely I must say. Zergers barely did any damage, and everything will be recovered in no time. On the other hand Gunners made the ultimate plan to try to snatch as many arties as possible from the dirty Zergers, and were very successful at it too. Gunners got their much deserved LD and on top of that they snatched LE aswell. The power is slowly shifting to their side now. It shall be interesting.

  • Batman..

    Your gunners diplomacy still working against you..

    Say your fighting against us all, bla bla.

    Yet ask secretly to make deal with GOATS... lol

    And at same time try make secret deal with Ten also to hit us...

    This diplomacy is why no one likes you... it's a wonder more not deleting. But after all the capital changes and hammers lost

    Now so many EGH lost .

    I suppose the players are deserting and wanted to loose hammers in style..

    Zerg zerg zerger, need a tee shirt.


    Anti cheaters antu bull crap artist zerg ..

    Stop doing dirty lies and tricks that's what's got you in poo.

    But your the one who hides like a rat.

    And feel you can tell others how to behave...

    Yet hide behind name..