The Book of Wisdom - Episode 8 - Shadows Thicken

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    Finally! Quintus Maximus couldn't admit even to himself that the news, that someone actually saw the book and remembered it, made his heart leap for joy!

    For the first time ever, he picked up the real trail instead of following vague rumors and mere gossip.

    This blacksmith was a real treasure trove of information, even though he didn't think that himself and was genuinely confused by the questions.

    "Yes, yes, I remember this order; it was unusual," the smith mumbled and shook his head. "To fix the clasp on a very old book. They specifically told me not even to try and open it, because that would make me lose all my skills."

    The blacksmith chuckled and then continued:

    "To be honest, if I was still aged 26, that would have been the best invitation for me to open the book. But…" He looked at his strong arms and glanced around at the walls of his smithy. "Luckily, I am almost twice as old now. I have worked so hard on what I can do best, and so even a slight chance of losing my skills would… Well, yeah, I didn't open the book. I fixed the clasp and brought it back to the Gaul and Egyptian who had placed the order. They were also very cautious not to open it. They stopped their conversation between each other when I gave the book back to them, but I might have heard that they discussed some plans to put this book into some other hero inventory. I think they said for one of the Huns. That's all I know. Sorry, this is not really a lot."

    "That is a huge help already," the old soldier was sincere. The information he received was precious. It seemed the book eventually ended up with the people who were fully aware of its capabilities and that made him think following the book on the auction wouldn't make much sense from now on. "Do you remember any details that would help me find where they went next?"

    "Hmmm, hard to say… They were talking about plans for different factions and I think I know the faction they fight for. Or, at least, what factions they fight against. All but the Rebels. So, I think they came from the Rebels' territory. What surprised me though is that, together with the clasp, they ordered armor with different kinds of emblems. Horses, stags, scarabs and golden eagles. Why?"

    The puzzled smith once again shrugged his shoulders. However, Quintus Maximus already had an answer. Recent events had demonstrated that despite belonging to factions by birth, people were free to choose the faction they wanted to support. Currently, only one land was trying to fight for victory – mostly as a test before the real war started. But the events were engulfing others at a rapid pace. In less than a month, many other lands would clash against each other to claim victory for their faction. Or… for the victory of some other faction.

    The usual order of events had also been turned upside down by the fact that the regional powers were suddenly in motion. Now all the old strategies and approaches were no longer valid. That's why the best strategists currently watched how the war was progressing in that solitary territory in order to forge their own paths to victory – many of which differing considerably from the others. And fighting for one faction while settled deep inside another was only one of the hundreds of tactics discussed. Still, there were many other plans being devised. And only time could show which one would be the best.

    Task: The smith gave Quintus Maximus a clue regarding where the Gaul and Egyptian took the book. It was already getting dark and he could see only the silhouettes of the warriors guarding the roads to the factions' internal territories. Name the exact warrior types guarding these roads.


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    24.08.2020 - 09:00 UTC+1

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    31.08.2020 – 09:00 UTC+1

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  • From left to right:

    1. Spearman

    2. Phalanx

    3. Praetorian

    4. Mercenary

    5. Slave Militia

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  • From left to right that will be:

    - a Spearman (Teutons)
    - a Phalanx (Gauls)

    - a Praetorian (Romans)

    - a Mercenary (Huns)

    - a Slave Militia (Egyptians)

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  • From left to right :

    1. Spearman (Teutons)
    2. Phalanx (Gauls)
    3. Praetorian (Romans)
    4. Mercenary (Huns)
    5. Slave Militia (Egyptians)


    (Shadow Empires)