Travian: Shadow Empires - Balancing changes

  • Dear community,

    One of our main objectives in game design is providing players with multiple options to make meaningful choices through the whole game and creating a wide diversity of paths to reach the goals.

    In preparation for the start of our Annual special scenario Travian: Shadow Empires we are closely monitoring the Open Beta server progression and collecting your feedback through multiple channels (Forum, Discord, Facebook etc). Based on the received information we came to the conclusion that the difference in size of spawn regions (and therefore in number of spawn spots per region) results that some factions get new players mainly in 1-3 regions, while the others settle in 7-8 or even more with the same number of players from the very start. This in turn creates the situation where some factions are put into a more difficult situation than others in their race to victory.

    After thorough consideration a decision has been made to make some adjustments and introduce some balancing changes to all new gameworlds of Travian: Shadow Empires that start in September.

    What will change:

    • The maximum number of spawn spots will be limited to 300 slot per region for large (801x801) map gameworlds and to 100 slot per region for small (401x401) ones.
    • Start regions for some of the factions have also been slightly changed in comparison to the beta. You can see the changes of the first 3 regions of each faction in the image below.


    We want to thank all beta players and alliance strategists for your input and great feedback that we receive.

    Your Travian: Legends team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • look to the points of start, empire and marauders have more start points than the other 3

    make start aria same points and 3 same force in aria where they start.

    that's also why the are in front with points in the game.

    its not fair most will go to imperia or marauders to have more points.

  • Half way through an international server, it’s clear there is more balancing work to do. Specifically I believe you should be able to change the Faction that an alliance is aligned with. After only a few losses, a strong alliance can quickly lose ground to a point where it’s impossible to catch up in the Faction war. Players are then left with few options that don’t result in losing all the investment you’ve made to alliance bonuses, or access to powers that have taken weeks to achieve, lose the ability to play with friends or people they have built relationships with and so on.

    So if I were balancing, among other things I would allow alliances to:

    - change the faction they are aligned with;

    - make a confederation with more than 3 other alliances - or allow a confederation to hold a region;

    - get rid of the ‘most contributing’ alliance part of factions - it doesn’t reflect how much other alliances have helped win a region;

    - provide some alliance incentive to settle in a region that is already controlled;

    - allow a longer time for an alliance to keep a great power while they respond to an incursion that has gone over 50%. should be 3-5 days.

    There are also some regional bonuses that are OP or ridiculously inaccessible given the reward. For example Great Storage is way too expensive to achieve and Large Boots are a game winner.

  • I have a suggestion to the base regions of the factions:

    Empire: no change

    Rebels: Pictavium, Burdigala, Tolosa

    Marauders: no change

    Horde: Berzobis, Gherla, Tyras

    Dynasty: Paraitonion, Alexandria, Memphis


    Max registered player (edit: /faction):

    401*401: 800

    801*801: 3.200

    Line of regions:

    Base regions in same time, after the next 9 (Marauders: 8 ) regions in same time. No more open regions to new registered players. Max 100 (400) new registered players in one region.

    All faction have one region with 100 VP/day. And there are a such in an other one of the next regions. Plusz Hippo Region and Hispalis (there are at least 3 steps from all factions). There are no region with 200 VP/day. (Sum 12 regions with 100 VP/day.)

  • Excellent All faction have one region with 100 VP/day, include "Deleted by mod"

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