Com2 Server Breakdown/ OP Reports

  • Com2 Day 97 lay of the land:

    This brief update is before the hallowed artifact day (which at the time of writing this post is in 70 hours):

    Disclaimer: if i missed a tech wing etc feel free to DM and ill adjust.

    North West:
    Duat is is the main ally made of a few sub wings (Duat, NoSpies & Strange). Total accounts = 111

    - GoW is currently at 3 wings (GoW, GoW. and GoW..) Total accounts = 173

    North East:
    - Gunners is currently at 4 wings (Gunners, Gunnerz, Goofers & Gunn3rs). Total accounts = 217

    - Disbanded (Vices) is currently at 2 wings (DND & DSD). Total accounts = 116

    South West:
    - GOATS (CWL) is currently at 3 wings(ish) (GOATS, GOATZ, Goatters & Choc0lat). Total accounts = 162

    - IKEA is at 1 wing with atleast one tech wing I know of (IKEA & Potpot) Total accounts = 69

    South East:

    - TEN is currently at 3 wings (TEN X, TEN Y, TEN - AD). Total accounts = 165

    - 2.01 is currently at 2 wings (2.01-A & 2.01-X & 2.01-D). Total accounts = 103

    Gettertools map showing all alliances:

    The big thing that has changed in the last 2 months is the com2 Diplomacy which will drastically effect what is to come as the repercussions will really show in mid-late game.

    GoW absorbed most of WoW is the only thing that has changed between alliances here.
    - Duat and IKEA seem to have a hidden agreement based on settling close to each other and a clear line drawn in the sand for each meta to steal artifacts (Duat attack NE & NW, IKEA attack SE & SW). Simply a NAP who knows, full blown confed pre server hence the identical aggresive attack on the center/ grey... time will tell.

    NE essentially Disbanded (:kek:) a handful have been recruited by Gunners, but the majority were recruited by DND.
    - Based on actons in the last 24 hours 4H ally also are under DND control.

    - The public knowledge NAP between Gunners and DND broke down (day 84 I think) since then both Metas have exchanged OPs on each other (GoW Joint OP'd with DND on Gunners) with significant damage to both sides. I dont think much was held back from either side even with proximity to artifacts.


    - A conflict between IKEA and GOATS began at approx. day 42. A secret NAP between IKEA and GOATS was broken, IKEA all of a sudden attacked and a mass clearing of GOAT accounts and spawns from now IKEAS stronghold began. Some form of a agreement or signs of future co-ordination with GoW and GOATS were exposed at this time .


    - TEN and 2.01 have had a war raging since the very beginning. It appears to have come to a close at day 89.

    - The 2.01 seemed to be there for DND bidding since day 1 (if they were planted there or not i dont know) but they were expected to soften Ten up for DND to come in afterwards. With Gunners and DND breaking down DND never came how 2.01 may have expected (disregarding the single real OP and fake OP DND did carry out). In light of the lack.. of DND coming to the rescue 2.01 and TEN have come to some description of a partnership confed or future merge. This has propelled Ten (who some may have written off) back into the fray, and I have to assume its a big hit to DND who lost out on a substantial amount of friendly accounts/ meatshields what ever you want to call them.

    Artifacts release in 70 hours, this will warrant another update on its own it may make or break some alliances aspirations. Interesting to see if numbers in certain alliances drop soon after. A ridiculous of catapult villages settled in the last 24 hours, more may be on route many may be undetected. Based on last server, a few hidden players may be sitting close to unique spawns waiting to flip sides. Soon we find out whos prep was best, hopefully i dont rage quit and can give another update when the dust settles.

    I tried not to be biased on anything, if im straight up wrong on something let me know.

    2008-2012 Com2 - [PM]/ US/ MDS

    2018/2019 Com6 - Blitz (MAM)

    2019/20 Com2 - Divide&Conquer (Gunners)

    2020 Com4 - Blitzkrieg (GD)

    2020/21 Com2 - Godzilla (Gunners)

  • Missed out Duat absorbing the entire Pane alliance top 20 player and lots of 125%+ caps in that area in boonies.

    This huge alliance with 5 players and 3 125%+ caps no less. You might as well all give up now.

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    s2 16 - TENCHU - Algol,
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    s4 13-14 - KIDS - Cyrus, s4 15 - MP - Solmyr,
    s5 13-14 - DEiTY - Daimyo, s5 14- TIKS - Aczalgaea,
    com3 16-17 - TVE - Hydra,
    com6 15-16 - ? - Kashmira, (
    com7 12-13 - AE- Piff,

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