Punishment guidelines changes

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  • Dear players,

    In the past year we have received much feedback from you about our punishment guidelines.

    As you know 1 year ago we rebuilt our team structure in regards to Customer Service, introducing the Rule Enforcement Team and since then we have aligned our guidelines between different communities.

    Lately, we have evaluated your feedback in regard to our punishment guidelines and focused on the multiaccounting topic, which is one of the most pressing within the community.

    After collecting data and discussing with the Ambassadors we have decided to change the guidelines for a certain number of rules violations.

    These changes will be applied starting from September 1st, 2020.

    Please be aware that repeated offenses for password sharing and multiaccounts will be punished more severely and can now lead to the deletion of all the accounts that are linked to the violation, without the possibility to choose which account to keep.

    We ask you to take this change seriously as once we decide to delete an account there is no possibility to appeal this decision.

    Our advice is to contact the customer service team if you receive a ban and punishment and you do not understand the reasons why.

    The customer service team is able to provide you more details as to what went wrong so you are able to follow the game rules moving forward.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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