Day 2 – The Sleeping Cat

  • Day 2 – The Sleeping Cat


    She dreamed again… about what? Some tenuous memories… A small fishing village called Sleeping Cat, located by the northern sea. She returned from the bakery with hot bread in her basket. She was going to make breakfast for her family. Her husband was at war, fighting for some territory against the Rebels, while she took care of the house. This was what she was born for and this was where she felt loved. And needed.

    The creaking noise of loading catapults heralded the chaos that followed immediately after. Rebels' attack! How did they come so close? How had no one noticed them approaching the village with catapults, so deep in the Marauders' territory? Steppe riders burst into the village, led by a blue-eyed Rebel, followed by… the neighboring Marauder? "Wake up, Kittens! Be quick! We are being attacked!"


    "Wake up, boootiful! We are being attacked!" The silver laughter of the Rebel immediately revealed that he was joking, but that was enough for Claws to open her eyes and get rid of what remained of her dream.

    She didn't really want to bring it back.

    "Well, not quite," Fangs was in his usual good mood. "But your young admirer is here again, waiting at the city gates. If I hadn't known for sure that your heart was made of the ice of the northern sea, where you were born, I would have said that you're giving him hope. Perhaps I should be merciful to him and just end his torture." The Teuton stood up from the chair he was comfortably sitting in and looked out of the window. "Yes, that's a good idea. I’ll send my men. He's definitely bothering you more than he should and making you feel uneasy. Let's sort it out once and for all."

    He made a step towards the door, ready to leave.

    "Wait, stop…" Claws was finally wide-awake, stretching her arms, and at this moment resembling a cat even more than usual. "Don't do it just yet, okay? We are still missing someone from the Dynasty in our squad to complete it and this boy is Dynasty-born. I'll talk to him."

    The Rebel frowned.

    "I still do not get your obsession with making our squad five. Yes, we come from four different factions and none of us feels much attachment to the place we were born. At least not enough to fight for it. We all know our reasons that keep us united. But are you sure? Why do we need someone from the Dynasty anyway? What benefit would it bring? I don't get it."

    For a short moment, his cold, ruthless nature broke out through his usual charming mask, but it was just a glimpse. He quickly regained his usual calm mood.

    "But… Just like we agreed. You are the head; I am the arms. And this is totally your call. I'll follow."

    He turned his head to the two silent guards waiting for him at the door and ordered:

    "Bring him here."

    Task: The task below is one that the Manticore squad gives to those who wish to join their armies. Try solving it.


    • The answer should be a sequence of numbers between 0 and 6.
    • The numbers in the code cannot repeat.
    • There are six mathematical statements that are true.
    • Using logic and eliminating certain numbers you know are certainly false, you can find the correct combination.


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  • codul este: 5 6 0 1 3 2

    A = 5

    B = 6

    C = 0

    D = 1

    E = 3

    F = 2

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