Day 4 – Breaking the Inner Shields

  • Day 4 – Breaking the Inner Shields

    ha__0003_manticore800x800_ROMAN.png.png"So, you were born in Dynasty?" If Fangs ever saw icy Claws in that state, he would never have believed it was real. Yet, this boy somehow pulled her heart strings, which no one expected her to have kept. The strings that led to her past, which she diligently buried in her everyday duties. The boy was so young. So naïve… And he reminded her of someone who she would have preferred not to be reminded. Her kittens.

    "Yes, but sometimes I also spent time in Rebels' territory. I have relatives there." The boy was well instructed by the king on how to answer certain questions and was now grateful to him for that. The king seemed to know her quite well, and what at first seemed a bizarre answer in fact turned into the other internal shield that he broke. He was scared to death, but the reward was too good. He dreamed about this his whole life. The elite Rebel forces! Fangs was just stupid that he changed his never losing alliance to embark on the adventure of his life with some refugees. What was he thinking? But that was for the better. They now had a vacancy that he intended to fill himself. At least the king had firmly promised him that.

    "Yes, I guess we might even have met there. I vaguely remember." Claws looked distracted and preoccupied with her memories. "What happened to your parents?"

    "The territory where they lived was conquered by Marauders this fall." The boy looked at the white wall and maintained a long pause, a technique he had also learned from the king. "Since then, I heard nothing from them. Maybe they are still there. Maybe not. I guess, I'll never know…"

    Claws frowned. Another lost soul in this world of war. Maybe she finally found the purpose for her fight? To bring back the child's family? She hesitated and then asked a final question.

    "So, what was the message the Dynasty wants you to give to me?" The boy relaxed a bit. It seemed that the hardest part was over. For this question he also had an answer ready.

    "The Dynasty wants to offer you help and support. They scouted all Rebels' and their friendly Marauders' territories for the past three weeks constantly and they know all their strong and weak spots. You are in the ideal location to strike the Marauders who are friendly to the northern Rebels. They want you to get prepared. And with targeted hits, you'll be able to remove ancient powers from all the Marauders' territories and even bring some to the Dynasty. For that, if you succeed, they will include you into their victory scroll."

    "I do not care about victory scrolls," Claws shrugged her shoulders indifferently. "Never did. If I had, I would have joined the Rebels when they were offering me that together with Fangs. So far, they seem to be the strongest force here. But your words sound like a plan. And this is what we're currently missing. I need to talk to the others."

    Task: The task below is one that the Manticore squad gives to those who wish to join their armies. Try solving it.

    Which horse drinking trough will be filled first?



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