Heroes adventures - Manticore

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    Every minute of the tense silence made the young recruitee more and more nervous, and that entertained the king. This boy stood no chance of joining his elite forces. They both knew it. Hailed from a hostile faction, he appeared too young and too naïve. Yet he came. Why?

    Finally, the king replied: "We earned the right to be privileged. Only this year, I rejected 400 candidates to my alliance and accepted 18. I actually wonder… What makes you think you can be the 19th?

    The boy raised his head and looked directly into the king's eyes. He gave the answer the king least expected to hear: "I will bring you the head of Manticore."

    Disclaimer: All characters are fictitious and any resemblance is purely coincidental.

    You are invited to join the contest on International (COM) forum.

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    September 07, 2020 – 10:00 (UTC+2)

    End date/time:

    September 18, 2020 – 10:00 (UTC+2)

    Winners announced on:

    Between September 21 and September 25, 2020

    Winners chosen:

    Daily tasks: We will pick 5 random winners every day from among all the correct answers
    End winners: We will pick 5 random winners from among all players who gave the correct answer in at least 3 days tasks.


    50 Gold x 5 winners

    Days 1 - 5 50 gold x 5 winners
    End winners 100 Gold x 5 winners

    Gold voucher valid until:

    April 30, 2021

    Please, remember, you have only 48 hours to solve each task (with the exception of the Day 3 tasks for which you have 72 hours) after it's been published!

    Your reply to the riddles won't be visible until a moderator approve them after 48 hours passed.