Travian: Shadow Empires 3 Tribes - 1x

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    The blacksmith turned around and quickly glanced at all the recent items hiding in the shadows of his smithy. Weapons, armor, and shields which he had been busy crafting for the whole previous month.

    A wild boar. An eagle. Another eagle. A stag. One more boar. Three swords with horses on them, ordered by the merchants who came here from the distant eastern province. A stag again. And now – the new emblem, but the blacksmith had a feeling he would have to craft it on many more weapons in the future. Lots of weapons. He put away the parchment and took one of the blank armors. The scarab that the visitor had ordered would look great on it.

    Something was about to happen, he could feel it!

    General Information
    Game world link
    Start Date 22-Sep
    Start Time 16:00 UTC+2
    Map Ancient Europe
    Map Size 801x801
    Interface Languages All
    Speed 1x speed
    Tribes 3 (Romans, Gauls, Teutons)
    Set Up Ancient Europe Map - Victory Points - Factions - Conquering Mechanics
    ➡️ read more here ⬅️
    Relevant Timeline
    Game world duration 180 days
    Beginner protection 5 days
    Beginners protection can be prolonged 3 days
    Tier 2 hero items spawns After ~ 50 days
    Tier 3 hero items spawns After ~ 110 days
    Special Buildings
    Hospital The hospital is a special building that gives the players a recovery option for troops wounded in combat.
    Gold Features & Gold Transfer Links
    Plus Account and Resources Bonus Duration 7 days
    Inbound GTL (Gold Transfer Link) from any game world in any domain (with the exception of GTL coming from PL game worlds)
    Outbound GTL (Gold Transfer Link) to any game world in any domain
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