Question about all the different game worlds

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have been trying to figure out which game worlds are usually the busiest so that i can go on one of those for my next server.

    I was doing some research and learned that travian legends is not the only game. There is:

    Travian Legends

    Travian Shadow Embires

    Travian Kingdoms

    What i understand is the Tavian legends is innovating into the second 2 where they will be the future of this great game.

    Can someone give us a brief explanation of the differences between them and most importantly which are usually more busy.

    i loved the old days with a lot of players as you can really farm and expand, but now it's completed empty around me (arabic server 6)

    if you are wondering why i am posing here as opposed to the arabic forums, it's because english is my native language. I speak arabic very well but i don't even have an arabic keyboard lol

    I would really appreciate some guidance if should stick to legends or if those other worlds normally have more players.

    thank you for your input:)

  • Hello.

    You can check the differences between Travian : Shadow Empires and TL here : Travian Shadow Empires features

    scroll a little and you will have a board with it.

    about kingdoms, It’s different than the others:

    - Playability ( Has an app but used to crash a lot)
    - Graphics
    - Strategy

    You got borders and you got to conquer them, you can change the place of your village ( don’t play it for a long time , but I remember this). You literally have to defend your kingdom 👑

    Have the same 3 tribes ( Romans,Teuton and Gauls).

    It’s pretty nice as well, but i prefer Travian Legends.

    Hope this help

    00PTX-FL/OF/SCL/DD-HT/TOP:rom09:1PTX- S.H.O.T:rom09:/2PTX- BM:rom09:/3PTX- S.H.O.T:rom09:/4PTX- IND:gau09:/5PTX- S&R:rom09:/TsX- S&R:rom09:/2TsX- OE:rom09:/ 3TsX- Trinity:gau09:

    TX3- TOP:rom09: / BDSM³:gau09:/ BOW:rom09:

    TS1 - BTT:gau09: / Ins:rom09:

    TS20.Codex - Magic:egy09:

    TSE.Europe - Voodoo :teu09:

  • Thank you for your reply kind soul. I prefer legends too, but they are coming up with all new ones i figured maybe one of them maybe more fun, so i wanted to get some info.

    Maybe next server i will play on each of the other worlds and see if i like it.

  • Legends is classic.
    Shadow Empires is just a special server of Legends with 5 tribes and with all special features from previous years special servers. You can play that, but you will have to adapt to a lot of new features.
    Just play Legends. Which server? - you should follow the forum, which server will be more popular. Com is usually popular, maybe Anglosphere. Arabic can be popular too, and Turkey, but you need to check the forum to get some insights.