Day 29 quad maps and alliance assessments

  • I read your comments with Moss's voice :D cool pic.

  • hey Chris@,

    Early justification for a mega zerg?

    I don't know what justification DND want to use for NAP'ing the largest and strongest meta on the server.

    I can think of many how about the most important for dnd, Survival ?

    in the end I feel the firepower they alone had at the end was superior to either of their opposition.

    Was only really in the beginning gow shaded us, they did their best to pause or slow our simming with early ops, many of gow have already come forward saying we could have won on our own even after initially losing a ww, there was no guarantee with this approach however, so gunners got cosy with ten and opted for an easy win.


    The way I interpret your comment, you are saying Disbanded very much have their own end game ambitions separate to their NE quad neighbours. And not just here to fight Gunner's enemies for them but to perhaps take a crack at winning the server in your own right even if that is at the expense of your NE neighbours?

    Honestly that would be awesome!

    I second that, would be amazing to see @ Luke if Dnd can stand firmly on there own ground even win against all the numbers and odds, what an achievement for dnd that would be!

    @ Heverton whilst I agree with you quality>quantity still need some decent numbers for endgame most metas are around 200 and still decent quality, dnd is barely half that, then again these guys are known titans of the game so maybe they can even accomplish almost the impossible, will be exciting to see :)

    - TEN currently has 207 accounts (post zerging).

    - TEN is currently at war with 256 accounts (94 accounts in DND + 162 in 2.01).

    Except you can’t say 2.01 is anywhere near dnd or tens quality, if you want to add quantity and not just quality then you should also be adding to that list ne meta which dnd is also fighting.

  • Did this guy even look at the Alliance page or you just babble ?? DND has a wing DSD with 55 or so players.

    They’ve bolstered numbers slightly since last update from Heverton, still only around 100 tho

    Ten quantity roughly 207 vs dsd 55 & Dnd only 47 totalling just 103 accnts. Those bad asses in Dnd think they can handle a meta more then twice their size and still win the game without gunners help, crazyness!