[TSE] Rumors from Europe x1

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    Use this thread to share any big and small happenings on Europe x1. Remember this thread is English language only.


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  • That's how things roll in the Balkans. But don't worry, as many of those accounts are probably techs or just used for main accounts to get specific tribe villages.

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    Ah shit, here we go again...

  • Is this the best way to play new special servers? Zerg as much as you can like on servers with wonders?

    Well i would love to say its not the best way to play it that style but sadly for this specific one it is...^^ like dont get me wrong i dont want to say anything good or bad about Legends because i dont know them but be sure that its the same in all those other factions like its just not open for everyone to see. You are forced to talk to all those other alliances in your faction in order to compete against the others. I know that some alliances already did the talking part before the server started so lets see were this leads us to :) I dont think as Great Slayer said that a bunch of those are only for getting another tribe into the account maybe a few of those but the majority will be "normal" accounts. I think last time i looked over them Legend was around 240ish accounts so will be interesting :D

    Would have thought that there is more going on here to be honest :D


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  • well it's a combined domain, so yes nations come to play it with players collected from all local domains. nothing strange about it

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  • Short summary after 20 days, it looks like an easy ride for Empire so far.

    Faction Alliances Victory points VP per day

    # 1 Empire 86 17878 1640

    # 2 Rebels 83 15426 1030

    # 3 Dynasty 97 12042 740

    # 4 Horde 80 10543 720

    # 5 Marauders 72 6995 370